2019-2020 Leadership Elected

On June 7th, SLOC membership elected Matthew Dembling and Amy Clark (previously serving an appointed position on the Board), and re-elected Adrienne Sherman and Elizabeth Sherwood-Mack to serve on the Board for 2019-2020. They will join current Board members Michael Camelo, Gary Hoffmann, Connie Rowe Rauhauser, Kelly Sanford, Trish Scott-Dembling, and Diane Skibinski.


The new Board has elected Kelly Sanford, currently serving as Director of the Finance Committee, as SLOC President for the 93rd Season. Adrienne Sherman will be serving as Vice President and Trish Scott-Dembling as Secretary. For a complete list of Leadership, please visit our Board/Leadership page.


Thank you to our many members for coming out to vote! We are looking forward to a very successful season with our newly appointed Leadership!