End-of-year Membership Announcements!

Due to restrictions on gatherings we were unable to hold our annual Membership potluck and Board election in person again this year. The election took place via absentee ballots to all active members.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank past leadership and welcome our newly elected board members. A special thank you to outgoing board members Michael Camelo, Gary M. Hoffmann, Elizabeth Sherwood-Mack and Julie Phillips for their dedication and guidance during their time served. We welcome newly elected board members Thomas Coon, John Meglino and Debbie Paniccia. Rose Biggerstaff will join the board as the appointed seat by the President.

Congratulations to Matthew Dembling who will be serving his second term as President, and Adrienne Sherman who was re-elected as Vice-President for 2021/22. We are confident that our board and leadership will continue to find creative solutions to the challenges that may lie ahead as well as carry out SLOC’s mission and promote inclusivity within the organization. For a complete list of the Board of Directors and Leadership for 2021/22, visit our webpage.

Part of this celebration is our Membership Awards Ceremony. Matthew Dembling has recorded the announcement for award recipients. Check out our Membership Awards page to view the full video!