Company Operations

2016-2017 Board Officers

Peter Caracappa, President
Michael Camelo, Vice President
Bob Thayer, Treasurer
Diane Skibinski , Secretary

2016- 2017 Board of Directors

Nell Burrows
Michael Camelo
Peter Caracappa
Robert Farquarson
Michael Gatzendorfer
Connie Rauhauser Rowe
Kimberly Reilly
Jill Ross
Elizabeth Sherwood-Mack
Adrienne Sherman
Patrick Reilly

Audience Services Chair – Connie Rowe Rauhauser
Artistic Operations Chair - Michael Gatzendorfer
Membership and Volunteers Chair – Jacqueline Barkenhagen
Finance Committee Chair – Jill Ross
Business Manager – Nell Burrows
Technical Operations Chair – Patrick Reilly
Facilities Chair – Robert Farquharson
Marketing and Communications Chair – Katherine Stephens
Fundraising and Development Chair – Michael A. Bellotti