Production: Camelot

Book: Alan J. Lerner
Music: Frederick Loewe
Alan J. Lerner
Directed By: Ted Peck

Presented On:
October 12-14, 18-21 2001


The classic story of King Arthur and the knights of the round table set to the glorious music of Lerner and Loewe.

Once in a great while there exists a special place, a place that captures the imagination, a place that symbolizes the hope that burns in every soul. Such a place is Camelot. Set amidst the splendor and majesty of Medieval England, Camelot tells the tale of King Arthur, the lovely Queen Guenevere, the noble Sir Lancelot and the Knights of the Round Table. It's a tale filled with intrigue, humor, courage, sorcery, romance. It is told with sumptuous sets, splendid costumes, bright and lively dances, and one of the most magnificent musical scores ever to be heard on a Broadway stage. From the creators of My Fair Lady, Camelot has come to represent goodness and truth, hope and idealism for millions of theatre-goers everywhere.

Richard Hart Arthur
Art Forget Merlin
Lisa Franklin Guenevere
Alan Foster Lancelot
Joseph Fava Pellinore
Joe Carusone Mordrid
Elizabeth Picker Morgan Le Fey
Anthony Saxe Tom of Warwick
Michelle Sausa-Gatta Nimue

Women's Ensemble:
Julie Shatley, Savina Breslin, Michelle Oppedisano, Sarah Lamparelli, Susan Culver, Doreen Watson, Casey Morgan, Laurie Ann Zavarella, Heather Norman, Erica Lloyd

Men's Ensemble:
Andrew Godshak , Christopher Byrne, Joe Malone, Paul Suda, Richard Lenehan, Bill McColl

Children's Ensemble:
Shawn Heller. Charles Franklin, William Dobson, Meira Bagely, Anna Heim, Jolissa Watson, Jessica Niles, Carne Mathis, Rebecca Carroll, Anna Heim, Brittany Boivin, Julia Franklin, Jessie Cerniglia, Emily Franklin, Chelsea Cerniglia, Kelly Cerniglia, Vicky Miller

Gary Carter Producer
Ron Fish Producer
Ted Peck Director
Daryll Drew Musical Director
Donna Panzl Choreographer
Marlene Countermine Rehearsal Secretary
Mary Meyers Costumer
Vickey Shatley Assistant Costumer

Camelot Production Staff

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