Production: Ruthless

Book: Joel Paley
Music: Marvin Laird
Joel Paley
Directed By: Tom Heckert

Performance Dates:
March 8-10, 14-17 2002


Anyone who's ever had kids knows that they don't stay cute forever. Eight-year-old Tina Denmark is a parent's worst nightmare. She knows she was born to play Pippi Longstocking and will do anything to win the part - including murdering the leading lady. 

Mix together The Bad Seed, All About Eve, Gypsy and nearly every other classic story of stage mothers and precocious brats and you've got Ruthless! With a cast of zany characters and some of the wackiest musical theatre numbers you'll hear this side of Oklahoma, this show will make you appreciate your little darlings all the more. This definitely ain't Annie!

Judy Insults Eve

Hatching A Plot

The Hissing Match

Tina Cons Everyone

Ruthless! Production Staff

Tom Detwiler Sylvia St. Croix
Joan Horgan Judy Denmark
Meredith Bull Tina Denmark
Barb Mahlmann Myrna Thorn / Emily Block
Courtney Halsdorf Louise Lerman
Gwen Fraser Lita Encore
Laurie Larson Eve


Andrea Merrill Musical Director / Keyboards
Leonard Tobler Drums, Percussion
Michael Wicks Bass Guitar
Kate Kaufman-Burns
Joanne Mensching


Tom Heckert Director
Brett Putnam Producer
Andrea Merrill Musical Director
Nicole Levesque Choreographer/Production Assistant
Marlene Countermine Rehearsal Secretary
Kristen Becker Stage Manager
Mary Kozlowski Set Design
Greg Rucinski Lighting Design
Pat Casey Costume Design
David Harrison Makeup Design
John Fowler Hair & Wig Design
Kathy Friscic Properties
Paige Gauvreau Box Office/Ticket Sales
Eunice Chouffi Audition Arrangements
Kate Kaufman-Burns
Linda Featherston
Audition Accompanists
Madeline Codella Playbill/Program Editor
Joe and Mary Ann Concra Show Publicity
Peter Codella Print Advertising
Madeline Codella Foyer Bulletin Boards
Peter Codella Photography
Ginnie Mills Show T-Shirts/Sweatshirts
Melinda Zarnoch Opening Night Party
Brett Putnam Cast Party

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