Performance Dates:

March 7-9, 2008
Friday - Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 2pm


March 13-16, 2008
Thursday - Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 2pm

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Story and Book by: Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming

Music and Lyrics by: Laurence O’Keefe

Bat Boy is based on a character created by the satirical newspaper The Weekly World Report. Ever since introduction during the 1980’s, Bat Boy’s adventures have been a favorite feature for their readers.    Bat Boy - The Musical begins with the discovery of the half bat half boy in a cave in a West Virginian cattle ranching town.  The wild uncivilized creature is spared death and educated and assimilated into society.  But can you truly remove the beast from the creature?  Cows and then townspeople start to die and fingers and clues all lead to Bat Boy.   Secrets kept for years are revealed but can the bloodshed be stopped? 

Bat Boy Sean Fagan
Meridith Parker Laurie Larson
Dr. Thomas Parker Eric Shovah
Shelley Parker Molly McGrath
Sheriff Reynolds Ross Snyder
Ron / Maggie Kristen Olochnowicz
Rick / Lorraine Nik Gatzendorfer
Ruthie / Daisy Artemis Morrow
Mrs. Taylor / Roy Kathleen Dunham
Reverend Billy Hightower Michael Lotano
Mr. Dillion / Ensemble Amanda Serrano
Pan / Bud Ryan Glynn
Ned John David Ganther III
Ensemble Paul Smith
Ensemble Alexandra Gary



Production Staff: 
Director Thomas Heckert
Co-Producers Ted Vickery/Marlene Countermine
Music Director Teresa Fitzmaurice
Choreographer Jeffrey Scott
Set Designer Mary Kozlowski
Set Construction Mary Kozlowski, Ed Malachowski, Dave Putnam, John Julian, Rich, Mike Gary, Doug Peek, Ted Vickery, Jamie Vickery, Drew Vickery, Michael McDermott, Bob Farquharson
Lighting Designer Ken Zarnoch
Costumer Mary Ann Muth
Stage Manager Kit Goldstein
Properties Kathy Friscic
Sound Design Jeffrey Scott
Make-Up Marcia Lenehan
Hair John Fowler
Publicity Joe & Mary Ann Concra


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