Anything Goes


May 17, 2008 at 8pm
May 18, 2008 at 2pm 



Music and Lyrics by: Cole Porter

When you mix a love-struck stowaway, a nightclub singer, a priest, a millionaire, a proper Brit, and some gangsters, Anything Goes! 

The show takes place on the S.S. American, which is setting sail from New York to England with a most unusual passenger list.  Aboard is a wealthy New York businessman (Eli Whitney), his stowaway assistant (Billy Crocker), a famous Evangelist turned night club singer (Reno Sweeny), a second-rate gangster (Moonface Martin), and his bubbly sidekick (Bonnie). Also onboard are a debutant and her mother (Hope and Evangeline Harcourt) and Lord Evelyn Oakley, a wealthy Englishman who is engaged to Hope. Complications and comedy arise when Hope and Billy bump into one another on the ship, as the two are long lost loves.
This comic romp is filled with mistaken identity, toe tapping ditties, and show stopping numbers!  See the mayhem and magic unfold in the final show of SLOC's 81st season.
Character Role   Name   
Billy Crocker   Michael Mensching
Reno Sweeny      Laurie Burns  
Moonface Martin     Adam Coons 
Sir Evelyn Oakleigh    Bob Hegeman    
Bonnie  Heather D'Arcy 
Hope Harcourt   Casey Dinkin 
Eli Whitney     Bill Hickman   
Mrs. Wadsworth T. Harcourt       Rita Russell   
Chastity         Victoria Sheehan       
Purity       Melissa Beatrice   
Virtue/Dance Captain Laura Smith    
Charity  Andrea Burger  
Ching/Sailor/Ensemble    Joel Shapiro   
Ling/Sailor/Ensemble     Casey Larkin
Sailor/Ensemble  Kody Carpenter   
Purser/Ensemble      Joe Malone 
Steward/Ensemble      Keith Searles  
Reporter/Ensemble        Michael McDermott      
Ensemble, Captain         Ray Burns      
Ensemble         Patricia Keister       
Hollie Wilkie  
Laurel Burns   
Rachel Newman  
Bishop    Jim D'Arcy    
Nancy's Friend   Marlene Countermine


Production Staff: 
Director Eric Shovah
Assistant Director Ross Synder
Producer Marlene Countermine
Music Director Cathy Mele
Choreographer Heather D'Arcy
Set Designer Michael McDermott and Michael Mensching 
Set Construction
Lighting Designer Greg Rucinski
Costumer Connie Rauhauser
Costume Assistant Gail D'Arcy
Stage Manager Regina Baker
Sound Design Joel Lord
Photographer Tim Raab
Makeup Marcia Lenehan
Hair John Fowler
Props Adam Coons
Board Liaison Bob Farquharson
Publicity Michael McDermott
Stage Crew Mike Eisenstein


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