Production: Jekyll & Hyde

Book and Lyrics: Leslie Bricusse
Music: Frank Wildhorn

Performance Dates:
October 15-17, 21-24 2004


Jekyll & Hyde is a rousing gothic musical based on the classic tale of good and evil. Murder and chaos run rampant and evil lurks around every corner, but love and virtue put up a strong fight in this engaging thriller.

Dr. Henry Jekyll, pursuing his life-long quest, endeavors to separate the two natures of man. Refused help by his peers and superiors, he begins experiments on himself with his formula. He meets with success, and shocking results.

The evil nature of Dr. Jekyll surfaces as a separate identity: Edward Hyde. Hyde begins murdering the members of the Board of Governors who previously refused assistance to Jekyll's cause. Meanwhile Jekyll fights in vain to keep his darker half under control.
Caught in the cross-fire of this epic internal struggle are Jekyll's fiancée, Emma Carew; her father, Sir Danvers; Jekyll's best friend, John Utterson; and a prostitute named Lucy, who becomes entangled with Hyde.

This show mixes together characters from both ends of the social spectrum, songs and scenes that provide ample chills and thrills, and a main character split between the extremes of morality. But are they really that separate... "How do you tell evil from good?"

Henry Jekyll/
Edward Hyde:
Kevin McNamara
Lucy Harris: Heather D'Arcy
Emma Carew: Jennifer Payeur
Gabriel John Utterson: Eric Shovah
Sir Danvers Carew: Allan Foster
Simon Stride: Ryan Crimmins
Poole: Richard Gatta
Lady Beaconsfield: Sue Rucinski
Bishop of Basingstoke: Frank Meredith
Lord Savage: Nicholas Muscatiello
General Lord Glossop: Ken Zarnoch
Sir Archibald Proops: Dave Dixon
Nellie: Laurel Hayes
Spider: Paul Blanchard
People of London: Amanda Brinke,
Christina Nicotina,
Karen Welthy,
Heather Copps,
Doug Peek,
Frank Sansone,
Randy Viele,
Nathan Meredith,
Jennifer Dickerson,
Jimmy Propst,
Tracy Solarek
Production Staff: 
Director: Thomas D. Bambury
Musical Director: Dave Cash
Choreographer: Thomas D. Bambury
Producer: Jodi Gilman
Set Design/
Doug Peek,
Mary Kozlowski
Lighting Design/
Greg Rucinski
Costume Designer: Mary-Ann Muth
Sound Design/
Joel Lord
Publicity/Props: Carole Alawi,
Donna Austin
Hair Design: Loretta Romero
Make-up Design: Thomas D. Bambury
Stage Manager: Donna Baxter
Ticket Chairperson: Paige Gauvreau

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