Production: Shenandoah

Book: James Lee Barrett, Peter Udell, and Phillip Rose
Music: Gary Gelf
Lyrics: Peter Udell

Performance Dates:
October 15-17, 21-24 1999


Charlie Anderson, a strong and upright Virginia farmer, wants nothing to do with the Civil War. He'll "not go hunting for strangers to kill," nor allow his six sons to get involved. But the war comes to him in this deeply moving musical drama, featuring a luscious score of richly melodic songs. Shenandoah is an inspiring musical with heart, beauty and enduring values.

Alan Angelo Ensemble/Mr. Carol
Chelsea Cerniglia Ensemble
Jessie Cerniglia Ensemble
Paul Dinuzzo Nathan
John Druzba John
Don Edmans Sam
Justin Flint Jacob
J.P. Ford Ensemble/Sniper
Alan Foster Charlie Anderson
Richard Gatta Ensemble
Chris Howard Ensemble/Sniper
Casey Kalica Ensemble
Laurie Larson Anne
Claire Lebowitz Jenny
Matt Lerner The Boy
Jamie McBehn Gabriel
Saul Morse Corporal
Diane Murray-Fleck Ensemble
Sarah Newman Ensemble
J.R. Rayone James
Kristopher Rowe Henry
Michelle Susa-Gatta Ensemble
Erin Selkis Ensemble/Understudy
Ron Surdam Ensemble/Lieutenant
Scott Truesdale Rev. Bird


Barb Mahlmann Co-Producer
Mary Kalica Co-Producer
Joe Phillips Director
Andrea Merrill Musical Director
Donna Panzl Choreographer
Dale Conklin Set Designer
Clair Bee Stage Manager
Connie Rowe Costume Designer
Jeff Victor Lighting Designer


Our production of Shenandoah won the following awards from the Theater Association of New York State (TANYS)

  • Alan Foster for his performance and humanity as Charlie Anderson.
  • The entire cast for its Ensemble Work.
  • Dale Conklin for his Set Design, particularly the Flags.
  • Connie Rowe for Costume Design and manufacture.


What the Schenectady Gazette had to say about Shenandoah.  

  • “SLOC can always be counted upon for good musical values..”
  • Foster’s (Charlie Anderson) “Papa’s Gonna Make It All Right” is extremely touching. 
  • Jamie McBean (the slave Gabriel) scores with Lerner (the boy) in “Why Am I Me?” and later with Laurie Larson (Annie) in “Freedom”.
  • So, too, does Lebowitz (Jenny) in “Over the Hill”. With her strong voice and stage presence, she believably creates the character of a girl becoming a young woman.  

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