Production: Tommy

Book: Pete Townshend & Des Mc Anuff
Music & Lyrics: Pete Townshend
Additional Music & Lyrics: John Entwistle & Keith Moon

Performance Dates:
October 13-15, 19-22 2000


Tommy tells the story of Tommy Walker, a young boy growing up in the post war world. Upon seeing his father kill his mother's lover, Tommy becomes deaf, dumb, and blind, irreversibly traumatized by the experience.

As his mother and father struggle to find a means to cure him, Tommy meets with abuse by both his Uncle Ernie and his Cousin Kevin, who unwittingly introduces him to pinball. Through the pinball machine, Tommy discovers his hidden talent as he gains both fame and fortune.. The classic 60's rock opera by The Who is transformed into one of the most thrilling musical smashes of the 1990's. A riveting, high-energy production.

Greg Barresi Ensemble
Zachary Berger Ensemble
Shawn Michael Cahill Cousin Kevin:
Kerry Conte Ensemble
Krysta Dennis Ensemble
David Dixon Ensemble
Anne Dugan Sally Simpson:
Meg Elliott Ensemble
Dakota Fish  4-Year-Old Tommy:
Allan Foster Uncle Ernie:
Laurie Larson Mrs. Walker:
Richard Lenehan Ensemble
Nicole Levesque Ensemble
Courtney Mazzone Ensemble
Brendan McDermott Ensemble
Sarah McNally Ensemble
Michael O’Brien Ensemble
Kiley Oram Ensemble
Katie Patrizio Ensemble
Giovanna Prezio Ensemble
Quency Rene The Gypsy:
Brian Rogerson Ensemble
Anthony Saxe 10-Year-Old Tommy:
Walter Saxe Ensemble
Laura Skladinski Ensemble
Cynthia Slutsky Ensemble
William Spillane Tommy:
Ron Surdam The Hawker:
Matthew T. Teichner The Specialist:
Chris Trombley Captain Walker (Understudy):
Peter Tyger Captain Walker:
Jonathan Van Sleet Ensemble


Val Lord Musical Director/Keyboards
Jim Iacketta Drums, Percussion
Crispin Catricala Guitar
Clint Edwards Keyboards

Matthew T. Teichner Director
Brett Putnam 
Alan Angelo
Valerie Lord Musical Director
Marion Kehrer Choreographer
Amber Springer Assistant Choreographer
Kate Grovenger
Kate Spencer
Audition Choreography Assistants
Sara L. R. Melita Children’s Auditions
Susan Preiss Assistant Director/Acting Coach
Veronique Ory Assistant to the Director
Jeanne Stephenson Production Stage Manager
Brian Meade Stage Manager
Scott Harrigan Assistant Stage Mange
Lisa Spinner
Michelle Sidoti
Stage Crew
Dale Conklin Set Design
Barbara Mahlmann
Chuck Tiley
Brian Meade
Carol Charniga
Brian Rogerson
Joyce Van Amburgh
Mary Kozlowski
Stage Construction
Michael Noonan Lighting Design
Jeff Victor Assistant Lighting Designer
Jill Czub 
Kevin Hale
Joe Choiniere
Pat Haase
Lighting Crew
Sandy Boynton Costume Design
Anne Sylvester
Renee Litz
Ashley Stephenson
Erica Rogerson
Jeanette Rogerson
Costume Staff
David Harrison Makeup Design
Diane DeMeo Hair Design
Joe Jurchak Sound Design
David Wilkinson Sound Operato
Amber Springer
Deb McDermott
Paige Gauvreau Box Office/Ticket Sales
Eunice Chouffi Audition Arrangements
Nina Rindenello
Paige Gauvreau
Ellen Geisel
Della Gilman
Ira Gilman
Jodi Gilman
Tom Heckert
Gioia Ottaviano
Audition Assistants
Butch Marshall Audition Accompanist
Madeline Codella Playbill/Program Editor
Peter Codella
Brett Putnam
Alan Angelo
Show Publicity
Peter Codella Print Advertising
Paige Gauvreau Ushering Committee
Madeline Codella Foyer Bulletin Boards
Peter Codella Photography
Ginnie Mills Show T-Shirts/Sweatshirts
Connie Rowe Opening Night Party
Brett Putnam
Alan Angelo
Cast Party



Our production of Tommy won the following awards from the Theater Association of New York State (TANYS)

  • Sandy Boynton who won a "Merit Award for Outstanding Costume Design"
  • The entire cast for its Ensemble Work.

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