SLOC Seeks Photographer Proposals for 2020/2021 Season

SLOC seeks proposals for the following photography products and services per production, for up to SIX (6) musical productions for its 2020-2021 Season (dates tbd starting potentially in August 2020-August 2021):

  • Availability for two scheduled photo shoots per production. For first photo shoot the photographer will provide:
    • up to sixteen (16) new cast/production team headshots;
    • up to six (6) promotional photos; 
    • up to six (6) group shots, to include playbill centerfold image;
  • For second photo shoot (“tech” rehearsal) the photographer will provide:
    • Minimum of twenty (20) production photos
  • All retouching and preparation for printing of the headshots and group shots as deemed necessary by the selected photographer; available within 72 hours of selection (with the exception of the “tech” photos**) and,
  • All retouching preparation for printing/submission of playbill centerfold image (cast and crew group shot); submitted to the playbill designer within 72 hours of selection


  • All photos become the property of SLOC at the end of each photo shoot, and can be used by the selected photographer for promotional purposes.
  • Payment for each production will be made upon receipt of an invoice
    • No headshot, printed or digital, is to be provided by SLOC to the actor, production team member, or other SLOC personnel at any time without express consent of the selected photographer. The selected photographer reserves the right to provide those photographed with copies for fees without compensation to SLOC.
  • The first photo shoots (one per production) are to capture all headshots, promo photos and group photos. Dates will be established by each production team within two weeks of when rehearsals begin. The photographer will be contacted by the PR and Advertising Director when date(s) have been decided.
  • All headshot/group photo shoots will be scheduled at least FOUR (4) weeks before opening night to ensure timely delivery of the photos. Since the photo shoot is based on cast availability, if the photographer needs to switch the date to fit his/her schedule, the photographer will make arrangements for any photos that could not be taken to accommodate the photographer, at no additional cost, and still within 4 weeks of the show opening. 
  • For each production in SLOC’s 2020-2021 season, the photographer will furnish proofs of headshots, group shots, and promotional photos within 72 hours for review by the Director, Producer(s), and PR & Advertising Director. The selected photographer is not tasked with the printing of any headshots or group shots, however if they have a relationship with a cost-effective printer, they can notify the PR & Advertising Director.
  • Photographer must also be available on the Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday evenings prior to opening night for production (“tech”) photos. These dates will be provided at the start of the season for all shows. Photographer may choose to come multiple nights, but will only be compensated for the result of (a minimum of) 20 production photos.
  • **For each production in SLOC’s 2020-2021 season, the photographer will furnish final digital copies of the production photos on or prior to noon, the Wednesday before the show opens. These photos must be shared with the PR & Advertising Director electronically, and may also be shared via social media if the photographer has a business page.

Please submit pricing proposals (per production) along with a brief portfolio (2-3 photographs, including at least one headshot and 1 live action/performance shot) via email to and no later than June 15, 2020.