Matt T. Teichner

Matt was dedicated to his art form–theater. Covering the positions of actor, stage manager, designer, technical designer, and stage director, Matt achieved over 100 theatrical credits. The guy was amazing. A true soldier of theater!

The range and variety of theater companies he worked for was also astonishing! From Miami Opera, to SLOC, to the Egg, to Vassar College, to Glove Theater. Wow! His skills were shown in his set designs. For example, the use of scaffolding to set different levels in SLOC’s production of Tommy, was wonderful!Matt also owned, Lighting Visions and was Revolution Hall’s lighting director. The Metroland in 2009, voted Revolution Hall as one of the Capital Districts Best Music Venues.


Evita(1997) at State Street Opera House
The Who’s…Tommy(2000) at State Street Opera House
Grease(2005) at State Street Opera House
Annie(2007) at State Street Opera House
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat(2009) at State Street Opera House

Reminiscing, Brian Sheldon reflected on Matt Teichner, “He assembled the chunkiest Burger Palace Boys in the history of Grease. He created art! He created memories!”

Alan Angelo
SLOC Historian
Feb. 25, 2019