sweet charity

Director, Richard Michael Roe

Book by Neil Simon
Music by Cy Coleman
Lyrics by Dorothy FieldsSweet Charity

Venue: 427 Franklin Street, Schenectady

Performance Dates: May 10-12 and 16-19, 2013

Audition Dates: February 11 & 12, 2013 (callbacks February 13, if needed)

Show times: Thurs, Friday and Saturday performances at 8PM, Sunday performances at 2PM.


Have you ever known a girl who wanted something so badly, that she tried too hard to get it? Meet Charity, the girl who wants to be loved so much, that she has lost sight of who she is.

Meet Charity, the girl who wants to be loved so much, that she has lost sight of who she is. Charity sings, dances, laughs and cries her way through romances with the "animal magnetism" hero, the "ultra-chic continental" hero, and the "impossible-to believe-but-he's-better than nothing" type hero. Her world is the all too real world of Times Square, and the people who pass through her world are as deceptively charming a group as ever swept across any stage. From her cynical, hard-core trio of girlfriends at the dance hall, to the phony evangelist, the Coney Island "fun people", the Central Park "strollers" and the YMHA "self-improvers," every character is interesting. This is a bright and sophisticated show in every sense.

Cy Coleman has captured the rhythms and sounds, and Dorothy Fields the vernacular and fun of New York. It's a comedy in every sense of the word. Neil Simon has a particular talent for looking at the truly amusing side of life. It's a dancing show too, with great opportunity for use of dramatic movement. Wonderful musical numbers include Big Spender, If My Friends Could See Me Now, Too Many Tomorrows, There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This, I'm a Brass Band and Baby, Dream Your Dream.

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cast & crew

sweet charity cast

The Cast:
Charity Hope Valentine.....Amanda Jo Marshall
Oscar Lindquist.....Gregory Theodore Marsh
Charlie and Vittorio Vidal....Edmund Metzold
Nickie and Helene...Christine Marcella and Heather D'Arcy
Herman....Joe Malone
Ursula...Kellie Vercoe
Carmen...Corrie Rowe
Rosie...Erin Hunziker
The Girls...Erin Harwood, Kathleen Battuello,
Christine Meglino, Leila Viera
The Guys....Nathan Hoffman, Andrew Lasher, Mark Stephens, Ted Savoy
Noel Savoy
The Good Fairy...Gayle Cole

sweet charity

Director…Richard Roe
Producer…Michael Gatzendorfer
Choreographer....Elizabeth Alexander
Music Director...Cyndi Merrill
Costumer....Pat Casey
Lighting Designer...Jeffrey Scott








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sweet charity


Press Release - 4/30/2013