22/23 Health & Safety Guidelines

Guidelines as of 1/11/23

Due to the unpredictable nature of our current health crisis, all policies are subject to change at any time without advance notice.


  • All production team members and auditioners must be full vaccinated and will be asked to provide proof of vaccination.
  • Masks are encouraged, but optional.
  • Masks will be provided by SLOC Musical Theater for anyone who desires to wear one.


  • All cast and crew members will be required to be fully vaccinated. Proof of vaccination will be required and kept in a confidential record. Booster doses, when eligible, are highly recommended. 
  • No volunteer is to attend a rehearsal if they are displaying symptoms of COVID 19 including, but not limited to: cough, sore throat, fever, nausea, vomiting, chills, body aches, congestion, headache.
  • No guests, friends, or family will be permitted to attend rehearsals without prior approval by the Board Liaison.
  • Cast and crew will sign an attestation no later than their first rehearsal that covers expectations, safety guidelines and the means to have any questions answered.
  • Starting September 25, 2022, cast and key production team members (Director, Music Director, Choreographer, Producer, Stage Manager) are asked to submit twice weekly negative COVID tests, every Sunday and Wednesday. SLOC Musical Theater will provide COVID tests for those who need them. Proo of tests should be provided to a designated production team member, and that production team member will be responsible for ensuring that all cast members have submitted test results. If tested regularly at wok, proof of those tests may be submitted in lieu of home tests.
  • SLOC Musical Theater will provide test supplies and/or testing, as recommended by the COVID Committee, from the first day of rehearsal onward. This is a requirement for all cast members, production team members, and pit members who interact with cast.
  • If a cast or production team member tests positive for COVID-19, they are to remain out of rehearsal for 5 days after the positive test. They may return on Day 6, if asymptomatic, and must wear a mask until Day 10 after the positive test. If still symptomatic after Day 5, they are asked to stay out of rehearsal until asymptomatic, after which they may return with a mask until Day 10 as above.
  • If two or more cast or production team members are out of rehearsal at the same time, due to COVID-19, the rest of the cast and production team will be asked to wear masks at rehearsal for a duration of one week, in order to curb the spread. Twice weekly testing should continue during this time.
  • At the discretion of the Director, cast and production team may be asked to continue masking at rehearsals. Additionally, cast and production team members may voluntarily choose to continue wearing masks at rehearsals.


  • Patrons are encouraged, but not required, to wear a mask during performances.
  • Patrons must not attend the performance if they are showing any signs of illness, regardless of vaccination status.
  • It is recommended, but not required, that Patrons be vaccinated as per CDC guidelines, if eligible.
  • Signs may continue to be posted regarding COVID-19 precautions, distancing, and appropriate hand washing techniques.
  • Hand sanitizer locations will be placed throughout the facility. 
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) including, but not limited to, face masks, gloves, goggles/face shields will be available to all patrons and volunteers who request them.
  • Box office, ushers, concession workers and any other front-facing volunteers for a performance not mentioned will be required to be fully vaccinated. Proof of vaccination will be required and kept in a confidential record.
  •  Volunteers are encouraged to wear a mask.
  • Bathrooms will be stocked with hand soap and disposable towels. They will be disinfected before and after each performance as well as after intermission, when possible.
  • Before and after each performance, a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the theater will occur, performed by ushers, including disinfecting surfaces, light switches, door handles, sinks and any other frequently touched surfaces. The volunteers who clean will be provided the necessary cleaning products and PPE.
  • Playbills will not be reused. Any left behind after a performance will be recycled or disposed of appropriately. If possible, digital playbills will be used.
  • Audio enhancing equipment for patrons will only be utilized if they can be fully disinfected after each use.
  • If at any time during a performance there is a health or safety concern, the House Manager will be the notified immediately.
  • Performers will be required to provide their own make-up and applicators. None will be shared.
  • If SLOC Musical Theater is to provide costumes, they will be laundered prior to wear and laundered once the performances are over.
  • Microphones will not be swapped unless they are properly disinfected first. Actors will have their designated equipment and a location to store that equipment where it does not come in to contact with other performers equipment. 
  • Performers are encouraged to arrive to the theater “show ready” whenever possible.
  • Patrons will be encouraged to exit immediately upon the end of the performance. If greeting patrons, the cast should meet them outdoors, weather permitting. If meeting patrons indoors, masks must be worn.
  • Pit members will be required to be fully vaccinated. They are encouraged to wear a mask throughout the performance whenever feasible.
  • At this time, SLOC Musical Theater will not be hosting Opening Night Parties, After Show Cabarets or
    Cast Parties.
  • SLOC Musical Theater will designate a Primary Point of Contact to communicate with DOH and the Board of Directors in the case of a potential or confirmed exposure.
  • SLOC Musical Theater will continuously monitor any changes in requirements or recommendations from NYS, DOH and the CDC. Information for this policy was taken from https://www.governor.ny.gov/sites/default/files/2021-04/SmallandMediumPerformingArtsSummaryGuidelines.pdf