Building Community One Show at a Time!

The Capital Region’s theater community is very rich, diverse and talented. It brings people of all ages together on projects that introduce culture, enhance social skills, bolster confidence, acquaint people in the neighborhood, and offer tons of fun.

SLOC Musical Theater’s continued success is dependent on our community outreach.

We offer entertainment for local events, enjoy helping the dreams of our high school student partners, and are proud of our partnerships with other theaters in the area, and our amazing sponsors.

Community, as it sounds, creates camaraderie and builds relationships among neighbors and close-by cities. It allows new friendships to grow and last a lifetime. Being involved in a musical production allows each person to grow, understand differences and appreciate each uniqueness, all the while knowing there is this bond amongst them – the theater.

Because of our various productions, we need a vast array of skillsets. We love giving people the opportunity to do what they love – whether it’s costumes or art – but also enjoy when they want to try something out of their comfort zone – like being on stage vs. stage crew and they realize they love it!

Our Community theater enriches those who take part in our productions as well as those in our audience. That is another commonality – knowing the importance of the theater.