Paul Croteau

Paul and Rita were examples of why man family They were one of the many, husband and wife teams, who’s artistic and social-life was linked to SLOC. The Fosters (Allan and Miriam), the Pedersons (Chris and Larry) and Gauvreaus (Art and Paige) are examples. Couples who learned new skills and made new and lifelong friends at SLOC. Who along the way also discovered, new and wonderful traits with each other.

Paul always had a smile on his face and was a hard worker.  He was an employee at GE, who found an outlet from the daily grind at SLOC. Paul first became involved at SLOC in1971.  He became involved in many of the backstage duties and work assignments, that helped make SLOC the darling of the local musical theater scene.


  • Paul first became involved with SLOC in 1971.
  • Assistant Producer: Godspell (1976)
  • Sound Designer and operator for many, many SLOC shows
  • Board Member
  • Chairman of Sound
  • Season Subscription Chairman
  • Set Construction
  • Transportation
  • Stage Crew
  • House Maintenance


  • Etta Moore Award: Paul and Rita Croteau
  • Gallery of Honor: Paul and Rita Croteau

Alan Angelo
Sept. 29, 2019