The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, a rollicking hootenanny of a musical, is based on the true story of a legendary Texas brothel, which operated from the 1840s to 1973. Protected by a friendly sheriff and frequented by politicians, football teams, and others, the “Chicken Ranch” thrived in the small town of Gilbert, Texas. Girls came from all over to work at the ranch and make a little extra cash. However, a crusading do-gooder Houston radio commentator and his conservative audience expose the Chicken Ranch, forcing it to shut its doors forever.


  • Band Leader: Stephen McMillan
  • The Girls: Barbara Baehr, Courtney Bear, Lori Anne Koopman, Christine M. Marcella, Happy McPartlin, Patti Nelson, Kathy Sawyer, Vicki Starr, Betsy Waechter
  • Cowboy: Bruce Williams
  • Shy Kid: Thomas Bambury
  • Miss Wulla Jean: Melinda Zarnoch
  • Salesman: Shawn Cahill
  • Slick Dude: Matthew Teichner
  • Cowboys: Ken Zarnoch, James Jennings, John Wescott
  • Choir/Melvin Thorpe Singers/Townspeople: Sheila Morris, Debra Moyer, Kathleen Derochie, Eric M. Rhodes, Timothy Smith
  • Angel: Amber Babcock
  • Shy: Mychelle Vedder
  • Jewel: Cheryl Glenn
  • Mona Stangley: Quency René
  • The Dogettes: Thomas D. Bambury, Stephen McMillan, Bruce Williams, Ken Zarnoch
  • Melvin P. Thorpe: James R. Jennings
  • Soundman: Erica Petersen
  • Cameraman: Melissa Strauss
  • Assistant: Tara Hutchings
  • Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd: Howard Moyer
  • C.J. Scruggs: Timothy Smith
  • Mayor Rufus Poindexter: Mark Stephens
  • Edsel Mackey, Gilbert’s Hospel Mail Newspaper Editor: John Westcott (Dance Captain)
  • Doatsey Mae: Margot A. Hill
  • TV Announcer: Ken Zarnoch
  • Angelette, Imogene Charlene: Debra Moyer
  • Angelettes: Tara Hutchings, Sheila Morris, Erica Petersen, Deborah Reutter, Melissa Strauss
  • Sportscaster: Eric M. Rhodes
  • Senator Wingwoah: Jack Ryan
  • The Aggies: Thomas D. Bambury, Shawn Cahill, James Jennings, Stephen McMillan, John Westcott, Bruce Williams, Ken Zarnoch
  • Photographers: Kathleen Derochie, Sheila Morris, Barbara Petersen, Eric M. Rhodes, Timothy Smith, Bruce Williams
  • Reporters: Thomas Bambury, Deborah Reutter, Ken Zarnoch
  • Governor’s Aides: Stephen McMillan, Bruce Williams
  • Governor of Texas: Ted Peck

Production Team

  • Producers: Ginnie and Drew Mills
  • Director: Peter J. Codella
  • Music Director: Steven C. Jones
  • Choreographer: Denise Baker
  • Asst Director/Stage Manager: Thomas L. Heckert, Jr.
  • Props: Melinda Zarnoch
  • Costumes: Molly Wright
  • Set Designer: Duncan Morrison
  • Lighting Designer: George Cain
  • Makeup: Patricia Thompson

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April 25-28, 1991