Can Can


When an upright judge, Aristide Forestier, decides to investigate the illegal and scandalous dancing of the Can Can in the bohemian sector of Paris, he succumbs instead to the temptations of Montmarte night life and the winning ways of Pistache, owner of the Cafe where the dancing is presented. A secondary story revolves around the amatory complications of a soubrette, Claudine, who is pursued by a wily art critic, Hilaire, but has long been interested in a Bulgarian sculptor, Boris.


  • Bailiff: Perry Brynes
  • Policemen: Charles Aliferis, Dale Atwell, Ralph Staves, Mary Bornfield
  • Judge Barriere: Andrew Starr
  • Court President: William Muir
  • Aristide Forestier: Dick Watts
  • Claudine: Sandy Bartlette
  • Gabrielle: Thila Bell
  • Marie: Judy Pagliuca
  • Celestine: Marion Foster
  • Hilaire Jussac: Ronald Fregomeni
  • Boris Adzinidzinadze: Lawrence Katz
  • Hercule: Mickey Bartlette
  • Theophile: Eli Taub
  • Etienne: Ronald Gabriel
  • Waiter: Frank Blum
  • Pistache: Rita Accurso
  • Cafe Waiter: Allan Foster
  • Cafe Customer: Andrew Starr
  • Countess: Lydia Cicarelli
  • Escort: Mark Bornfield, William Muir
  • Jailer: Charles Aliferis
  • Nun: Diane Buckley
  • Model: Adrienne Hinkle
  • Mimi: Sue Danzis
  • Doctor: Dale Atwell
  • Second: Perry Brynes
  • Prosecutor: Perry Brynes
  • Dancing Ensemble: Carol Constantino, Patricia Doyle, Carolyn Lewinski, Miki Long, Marguerite Murtagh, kathy Wilson, Joan Zeitler, Mickey Bartlette, Steven DiGiorgio, James Farina, John Feveva, Bill Reilley, Ralph Staves
  • Singing Ensemble: Gail Campbell, Lydia Cicarelli, Sue Danzis, Doreen Hennessey, Fran MacMillan, Mary Nissen, Nancy Toporowski, Charles Alferis, Dale Atwell, Frank Blum, Mark Bornfield, Perry Brynes, Andrew Starr

Production Team

  • Director: Carmen Sgarlata
  • Music Director: Laurie W. Hallfors
  • Choreographer: Eleanor Pigliavento
  • Producer: Gioia Ottaviano
  • Stage Manager: Varro Clarke
  • Set Design: Jane and Robert Van Sickle
  • Set Construction Designer: Bill Bachtel
  • Lighting Designer: Forney Miller
  • Sound Technician: Ted Rautenberg
  • Costume Mistress: Marty Watts
  • Make-up Artist: Gladys Luthy
  • Properties Committee: Sally Blessing, Jean Gladstone, Barbara Kelly, Anne McDonough, Jimmy Shook

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November 18-21, 1965