Dressed as a clown, Christ seems more human, reachable, vulnerable. Through him we can make tangible our doubts, our ironic hope. Only be assuming a playful attitude toward our religious tradition, can we possibly make any sense of it. Only by learning to laugh at the hopelessness around us can we touch the hem of hope. Christ the clown signifies our playful appreciation of the past and our comic refusal to accept inevitability in the future. –Letter from the Director


  • Helena Binder
  • William J. Cavin
  • Iris Fagle
  • Joseph Fava
  • Gail Garrison
  • Patricia Grant
  • Ron Kidd
  • Timothy D. Koch
  • Steven Misenhimer
  • Pat Spencer
  • Gary Aldrich – “On the Willows”
  • Edmond Zeller – “On the Willows”

Production Team

  • Director/Music Director: Don Mealy
  • Assistant Director: Christine Searle
  • Producer: Carolyn A. Hauke
  • Assistant Producer: Paul Croteau
  • Set Construction: Dave Ulrich
  • Lighting: Marion Foster, Marty Berman & Jane Polansky
  • Costumers: Kathy Blum and The Cast-Christine Searle, Karen Koch, Leslie Misenhimer & Debbie Peterson
  • Sound: Specialized Audio, Inc, Doug Sheperd
  • Properties: Lynn Dennis, Joseph Fava, Gail Garrison, Rosemary Miller, Pat Harned, Lynn Harned & Wendy Harned
September, 1976