Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris

Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris

The pointed, passionate and profound songs of Belgian songwriter Jacques Brel are brought to vivid theatrical life in this intense musical experience.

Brel’s legendary romance, humor and moral conviction are evoked simply and directly, with four actors, four musicians and four stools. The result is a powerful, intimate, bold and emotional evening of theatre.

Brimming with flair, attitude and European sophistication, these rich compositions bring to mind the groundbreaking work of Kurt Weill and Bertolt castBrecht, creating a universe all their own that consistently startles with its daring, candor and insight.

The sheer musical poetry of each song supports many layers of interpretation, giving the show a new and unexpected meaning with every new cast and production team that takes it on.


  • Deborah Rocco
  • Robert Rice
  • Rich Satterlee
  • Nancy Stone

Production Team

  • Producer – Jenny Depew
  • Director – Allan Foster
  • Musical Director – Andrea Merrill
  • Choreographer – Donna Hatch
  • Rehearsal Secretary – Gina Kornrumpf
  • Stage Manager and Props – Regina Baker
  • Set Design – Allan Foster
  • Set Décor – JoAnna Hepinstall
  • Set Construction – Richard Lenehan
  • Lighting – Ken Zarnoch
  • Sound – Ric Bello
  • Makeup – Marcia Lenehan
  • Costumes – Pat Casey
  • Publicity Show – Regina Baker

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January 9-11 & 15-18, 2009