Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre, set in England, in the early 19th century, begins with the death of Jane’s parents after her father, a pastor working in an urban slum, is exposed to typhus. Jane goes to live with her only known relative, Mrs. Reed, the widow of her maternal uncle. Mrs. Reed and her children, however, have little use for the orphan Jane and treat her with open contempt. When Jane rebels against their ill treatment, she is sent away to Lowood, a nightmarish charity school run by the tyrannical Mr. Brocklehurst.

Eventually, Jane escapes Lowood, taking a position at Thornfield Hall where she serves as governess to Adèle Varennes, the young ward of the absent master of Thornfield, Edward Rochester. One winter’s night, Jane encounters Rochester, returning home. The two are immediately drawn to one another. But as Jane grows to love Rochester, she begins to suspect that the house and its master harbor a dark secret


  • Jane Eyre: Joan Horgan
  • Young Jane: Eileen O’Connor
  • John Reed: Michael Wessels
  • Mrs. Reed: Lisa Franklin
  • Mr. Brockelhurst: Neil Jones
  • Miss Scatcherd: Donna Carsten
  • Marigold: Debbie Weiskopf
  • Helen Burns: Rachel Rhodes-Devey
  • Schoolgirls: Julia Franklin, Courtney Halsdorf, Michelle Oppedisano, Amy Ragule
  • Mrs. Fairfax: Carol Charniga
  • Robert: David Dixon
  • Adele: Courtney Halsdorf
  • Grace Poole: Christina Nicotina
  • Edward Fairfax Rochester: John Anthony Lopez
  • Blanche Ingram: Kate Kaufman Burns
  • Lady Ingram: Lisa Franklin
  • Lord Ingram: Michael Wessels
  • Mary Ingram: Christina Nicotina
  • Mr. Eshton: Neil Jones
  • Louisa Eshton: Michelle Oppedisano
  • Amy Eshton: Amy Ragule
  • Colonel Dent: Marty O’Connor
  • Mrs. Dent: Donna Casten
  • Mason: Ross Snyder
  • Bertha Mason Rochester: Debbie Weiskopf
  • Vicar: Martin O’Connor
  • St. John Rivers: Neil Jones
  • Sarah: Tracy Solarek
  • Lydia:: Marlene Countermine

    Production Team

  • Co-Producers: Michael McDermott,Ferne Dutkin
  • Director: Michael Mensching
  • Musical Director: Joanne Mensching
  • Assistant Director: Ferne Dutkin
  • Set Designer: Dale Conklin
  • Set Construction Crew: Mary Kozlowski, Richard Lenehan, Joyce Van Amburg, Michael McDermott, Barbara Mahlman
  • Costume Designer: Connie Rowe Rauhauser
  • Lighting Designer: Greg Rucinski
  • Lighting Assistants: Jeff Rauhauser, Greg Rucinski
  • Stage Manager: Peggy Moore
  • Sound Designer: Ric Bello
  • Sound Assistants: Scott and Janet Bello, Sean Albert
  • Properties: Kathleen and Bob Stern
  • Makeup Designer: Marcia Lenehan
  • Hair Designer: John Fowler
  • Hair Assistant: Katherine Zaleski

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October 17-19, 23-26 2003