On The Twentieth Century

On The Twentieth Century

On the Twentieth Century follows a down-and-out Broadway producer named Oscar Jaffe, who struggles to convince his former muse and lover, Lily Garland, now a successful film actress, to return to Broadway in a (non-existent) epic drama about Mary Magdalene. While dealing with Lily Garland’s jealous new lover and a religious fanatic aboard a luxury train, Oscar hopes he can lure her back to the stage and salvage his sinking career.


  • Owen O’Malley: Colin McCarty
  • Oliver Webb: David Marcil
  • Letitia Peabody Primrose: Carol Jones
  • Train Secretary: Robin Thomas
  • Conductor Flanagan: Ross Snyder
  • Congressman Grover Lockwood: Bill Hickman
  • Anita: Maureen Nicholson
  • Oscar Jaffee: Richard Harte
  • Maxwell Finch: John Drahzal
  • Imelda Thornton: Pat Brady
  • Lily Garland: Jeannine Hart
  • Bruce Granit: Chris Foster
  • Agnes: Deborah A. Biondo
  • Dr. Johnson: Christine Ille
  • Max Jacobs: Marty O’Connor
  • Quartet: Kennoth Carnes, Tom Holyoke, Ross Snyder and Robin Thomas
  • Ensemble/The Company: Deborah Biondo, Pat Brady, Kennoth Carnes, John Drahzal, Bryant Empie, Paula Ginder, Bill Hickman, Tom Holyoke, Christine Ille, Chad N. Newell, Maureen Nicholson, Marty O’Connor, Donna Panzl, Rachel Leah Pearlman, Robin Thomas

Production Team

  • Director: Robert Whiteman
  • Co-Director/Choreographer: Carol Charniga
  • Music Director: Jean LaCrosse
  • Co-Producers: Jacqueline Bee, Barbara Petersen
  • Stage Manager: John Roberge
  • Asst Stage Manager: John Birchler
  • Set Design and Construction: Dale Conklin & team
  • Costume Design: Patricia Marshal & team
  • Lighting Design and Execution: Brett Putnam & team
  • Sound Design and Execution: Alan Angelo and Bill Poppino
  • Properties: Stacie Halloran and Wendy Dury-Samson
  • Hair Design and Wigs: Chris Burt and John Fowler
  • Make-up: The Company

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May 1-3 & 7-10, 1998