Volunteer Spotlight

Every month SLOC likes to recognize a volunteer in their community who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. These volunteers can be anyone from actors to set construction volunteers to ushers! We value every person that sets foot in SLOC and offers their time and talent to making the theater a great place to be.

March 2020: Patricia Casey

Pat has been a valuable member the SLOC community for many years as a Costume Designer, Costume Assistant, Seamstress, Audience Member and Patron. For several years, Pat has served as our Costume Coordinator and has been in charge of our enormous costume collection. Not only does she make sure the collection stays clean, organized and accessible for our productions, she fields countless requests from other theaters and area schools to use our costumes. It is a time-consuming job to keep track of all of the pieces as they go out and come back. Thank you, Pat, for all of your hard work to support SLOC and keep our actors looking their best!

February 2020: Bri Westad

Bri was most recently working behind the scenes on 9 to 5 as a costage manager after assistant stage managing The Addams Family. Bri has a long history of working in community theater and we’re thrilled to have her here at SLOC. Her growth in a few short months as a leader and organizer has been impressive. We hope to see more of Bri behind the scenes and, perhaps, someday, on stage as well!

January 2020: Bill Harrison

Bill is a former SLOC President, Board Member and longtime volunteer. He was instrumental in the move from our old location on State Street to our new home on Franklin Street. He currently spends time each week helping to clean the theater and education building, providing a valuable and needed service. Bob is an important part of SLOC’s history and can be credited with helping the company get where it is today. We appreciate all his years of service.

December 2019: Susan Skinner

Susan is a volunteer in multiple areas at SLOC. She currently serves as the Audition Coordinator and makes sure that everyone that enters our theater for auditions is greeted by a warm and friendly face and that the audition process is as organized and efficient as possible. She is currently designing costumes for this season’s production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and has as an assistant producer, among many other credits. Susan’s kind heart and caring demeanor help make SLOC a family. We are grateful for all she does.

November 2019: Debbie Paniccia

Debbie has been an active SLOC volunteer since 2017. She has worked backstage as stage crew or props for West Side StoryJesus Christ Superstar and Sister Act. She appeared on stage in last year’s fundraising event, Someday at SLOC.Debbie is reprising her role as Co-Stage Manager with this production of Mary Poppins after sharing the role during 42nd Street last season. Deb has helped with auditions, set construction, theater cleanup and much more. She’s always willing to lend a hand when needed. Her positive outlook and support of SLOC make her a valued member of our community.

October 2019: Chad Reid

Chad Reid is new to our SLOC family. He was offered the Lighting Design of The Addams Family and hit the ground running. Chad dove into this huge responsibility with gusto, working extra-long hours and produced a gorgeous final product. A new space and a new system might seem like a daunting task for any seasoned professional, but Chad plunged headfirst with determination and enthusiasm. For this, Chad is the perfect example of a volunteer donating their time and using their skills to help us keep our patrons happy and our actors in the light. Thank you for a job VERY well-done Chad! We look forward to working with you again soon!

September 2019: Katie Fitzmorris

Katie has been a sound designer and sound effects connoisseur for multiple productions here at SLOC. She is always an early arrival to rehearsals, planning and practicing, insuring her product is top notch. Not only is Katie a dedicated and experienced sound designer, she can also be found offering smiles and kind, supportive words to cast and crew members alike. Thank you, Katie, for always having such a positive attitude and for taking on the difficult challenge of theater sound!

August 2019: Bill & Gina Kornrumpf

Bill & Gina are long time members, patrons, volunteers and audience members at SLOC. This summer, they noticed that our campus could use some help with lawn care and gardening and took the initiative to chip in and spend time attending to our plant beds and other greenery to keep our green space looking great. Thank you, Bill & Gina, for your hard work and willingness to help make SLOC beautiful!