Volunteer Spotlight

Every month SLOC likes to recognize a volunteer in their community who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. These volunteers can be anyone from actors to set construction volunteers to ushers! We value every person that sets foot in SLOC and offers their time and talent to making the theater a great place to be.

May Spotlight: Elizabeth Sterling

Liz is an excellent example of the wonderful volunteers we have at SLOC. You may have seen Liz most recently in 1776 playing the role of Martha Jefferson this past March. When not on-stage, Liz can be heard playing in the pit and/or her work seen on stage. She is an extremely talented scenic painter and her works have been seen in multiple productions at SLOC (Into the WoodsGrease and 42nd Street to name a few). We are so thankful for Liz and all she brings to improve the quality of our productions.


April Spotlight: Alexa (Rory) DiCristofaro

Rory took on the position of Assistant Producer for 1776 and went above and beyond her expected responsibilities. She was a consistent resource for both cast and crew, providing support and assistance in and out of rehearsal. You may have seen her gorgeous promotional photos taken at city hall for the production, as well. Rory has been a cast member in previous SLOC productions as well, usually bringing her beautiful dancing to the stage. We’re thrilled and grateful to see her bring her talents behind the scenes as well!


March Spotlight: Jill E. Ross

Jill has served as a stage manager, producer, master carpenter, lighting assistant, house manager and more at SLOC, and she is always ready to both lead and learn. When a producer has her on their team, they can rest assured that no matter what hurdles they face, they have a safety net- a wise, creative and dedicated team player who will do whatever it takes to make it work. Thank, Jill, for all you do!

February Spotlight: J.J. Paul

Jessica “J.J.” Paul has been a stage manager for several productions at SLOC in recent years. However, her commitment level to our theater goes above and beyond the average stage manager’s duties. You can often find J.J. staying late after rehearsal to paint, set build, help with lights or clean. She treats her casts with the utmost respect and is always making sure they have exactly what they need to put on a fabulous performance. Thank you, J.J. for all that you do!


January Spotlight: Brian Burns

Brian’s involvement this year began with helping construct the set for our youth production of Grease and he has continued to help with the set for The Wild Party. He has also helped in the front of the house this season and has served as an usher and house manager on multiple occasions. Brian and his family go above and beyond to donate their time and serve SLOC in any way they can, and we are so grateful!


December Spotlight: Daniel Galliher

Dan is a music director whose contributions to SLOC go far beyond that title. Whether he is in the drum cage, planning a post-show cabaret, cooking for an opening night party, or volunteering to help put together a fundraising event, Dan is one of the most loyal and dedicated members of our SLOC family, and we are so grateful to have him!

November Spotlight: Amy Jessup

Amy has helped in a variety of areas at SLOC over the past several years. This season she has taken on the responsibility of being our Usher Coordinator, overseeing all of our front of house staff to ensure we can get our audiences in their seats and ready for the show in a quick and efficient manner. In just a couple of months on the job, she has established standards for our volunteers and continues to work to recruit new volunteers to help us serve our patrons. Amy is true ambassador of the SLOC community and we can’t thank her enough for all of her hard work and dedication! Thanks, Amy!


October Spotlight: Dale Clark

Dale is a contractor who uses his skills to volunteer improving the SLOC facility as well as building sets. He was the master carpenter for the Grease set and has helped on countless other set construction teams. In addition to his set building work, this summer he improved the courtyard area for our patrons, building new benches, replacing battered decking and planting flowers. The result is a welcoming and safe area for our patrons to enjoy. Dale is the perfect example of volunteers donating their time and using their skills to help us at SLOC to keep our patrons happy and our sets beautiful. Thank you for all you do, Dale!


September Spotlight: Brian Cotterell

We are happy to recognize the Assistant Producer of In the Heights, Brian J. Cotterell, for his enthusiastic and positive attitude, his loyalty, and for being a team player. Brian is often the first person in the theater and the last one to leave at night. He knows what producers and directors need done and often completes it before they ask for it. And if you ask him why, Brian simply says, “I just love musical theater.” Thank you for being part of our family, Brian!