Volunteer Spotlight

Every month SLOC likes to recognize a volunteer in their community who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. These volunteers can be anyone from actors to set construction volunteers to ushers! We value every person that sets foot in SLOC and offers their time and talent to making the theater a great place to be.

September 2019: Katie Fitzmorris

Katie has been a sound designer and sound effects connoisseur for multiple productions here at SLOC. She is always an early arrival to rehearsals, planning and practicing, insuring her product is top notch. Not only is Katie a dedicated and experienced sound designer, she can also be found offering smiles and kind, supportive words to cast and crew members alike. Thank you, Katie, for always having such a positive attitude and for taking on the difficult challenge of theater sound!

August 2019: Bill & Gina Kornrumpf

Bill & Gina are long time members, patrons, volunteers and audience members at SLOC. This summer, they noticed that our campus could use some help with lawn care and gardening and took the initiative to chip in and spend time attending to our plant beds and other greenery to keep our green space looking great. Thank you, Bill & Gina, for your hard work and willingness to help make SLOC beautiful!