Volunteer Spotlight

Every month SLOC likes to recognize a volunteer in their community who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. These volunteers can be anyone from actors to set construction volunteers to ushers! We value every person that sets foot in SLOC and offers their time and talent to making the theater a great place to be.

September 2022

Katie Fitzmorris has been part of the SLOC family since 2016. Her work as a sound designer and assistant is often thankless. With long hours, sound designers are often the last to leave the theater at night, staying long after others have left to organize, put away and change batteries on microphones. Kate goes above and beyond, attending rehearsals far in advance of the traditional “tech week”. With the additional challenges of COVID and rehearsing in masks, Katie has worked even harder to ensure the cast can be mic’ed early on, helping the process go more smoothly. She has done even more with our current production of Once, a show in which every actor doubles as an instrumentalist. Kate has researched, collaborated, and figured out how to balance the sounds of the vocals as well as multiple instruments per cast member, making it all come together seamlessly. We continue to be ever grateful to have her at SLOC, and we can’t wait to see her back as our sound designer for First Date.

August 2022

Molly Waters was last seen at SLOC as Grandma in the September 2019 production of The Addams Family. We are so glad to have her back, this time working behind the scenes on our season opener, Once. Molly has worn multiple hats in the production, serving not only as Stage Manager, but as Set Designer and  Property Designer, as well. She has volunteered many hours to assist with load-in, set building, and painting. She is often at the theater first thing int he morning to work on the set and is also there at the end of the night when rehearsal has finished. We are grateful for her dedication, commitment, and willingness to jump in wherever is needed to make sure the cast and crew has a great experience.