Christine Patrick

August 12, 1948-October 16, 2023

“At Schenectady Light Opera Company, Christine was part of SLOC’s first-ever all female production team (Thelma Zeh as Producer, Joelynne Hatch as Director, Denise Baker as Choreographer and Christine as Music Director).” (Jenny Patrick Burch)

 That show was, Music Man.



  • Little Shop of Horrors…..March 1990…..State Street Opera House
  • Fiddler on the Roof…..April/May…..1987…..Proctors
  • Kiss Me Kate…..May 1986…..Proctors
  • Music Man…..April 1983…..Proctors
  • The Boyfriend…..Oct. 1981…..State Street Opera House
  • Bells Are Ringing…..March, 1980…..State Street Opera House

Around 1990, Christine was awarded the Schenectady YWCA’s Woman of Vision award. This award was given to Christine for her contributions to the community.

Christine was heavily involved in the, Beat the Snow Concert Series. Chistine helped in moving this concert series to the Schenectady Public Library.

Alan Angelo
SLOC Historian

Oct.30, 2023