Ronald N. Fragomeni

Ron is an example of how SLOC has shaped and influenced our lives. Ron first graced the SLOC stage at the age of 16 Robin Hood(1947). Years passed, and Ron enlisted in the army. His M.O. was Cameraman and Lab Technician with the Army Signal Corps. He served during the Korean War surveilling N. Korean fortifications, thru the usage of the Big “I’’ camera. The influence of theatre and the visual arts was evident and would continue to be.

Ron attended Siena College (B.S. in Economics) and began employment with GE (1955-1971). This is an interesting fact, because at that time many GE films were made right here in Schenectady. Ron’s position was in the Advertising Dept. as Film Editor and Production Coordinator. Former president and actor at SLOC, Bob Boggs directed many of these films and employed fellow SLOC members as actors. There was a close connection between GE and SLOC in those days and any employee who gave of his or her time to community activities would have it noted in their personnel file.

Ron’s last on-stage appearance with SLOC was in the 60thAnniversary Concertwhere he sang, “I’m Reviewing the Situation” from Oliver.Yet, Ron and Dolores Fragomeni, remained SLOC Patrons to the end. In 1964, Ron and his wife founded the Fragomeni Agency. An insurance agency that later morphed into Fragomeni Associates, Inc. This is important because Ron was our insurance carrier for many years. I remember Ron speaking to us at a board meeting. He was full of smiles and was quite knowledgeable in his presentation. I could see where his comic wit came from. A charming man. He was at SLOC. He was home.

From actor to organizational work (Show Selection Committee: 1960-1961), and Chairman of SLOC Special Memberships (1972), Ron exemplified the true nature of community theatre. You get the applause when you are on stage, but that can only take place when the jobs behind the stage are taken care of. There are many more of these individuals. SLOC tips our hat to them all!

Canon of his on-stage appearances at SLOC:

A Tinker (Chorus) in Robin Hood: June 1947 at Mont Pleasant HS–1stappearance with SLOC (age 16)

Dragoon Guard in Patience: Dec. 1947 at Mont Pleasant HS. Joe Brickley urges Ron to return to SLOC.

Count Peppi in Song of Norway: May 1960 at Niskayuna HS

Understudy (peddler) and Chorus in Oklahoma: Nov. 1960 at Niskayuna HS

Ko-Ko in The Mikado: May 1961 at Niskayuna HS–35th Anniversary of SLOC

Hilaire in Can-Can: Nov. 1965 at Scotia-Glenville HS

Henry (Henri) in South Pacific: Nov. 1967 at Niskayuna HS

Marcus Lycus in Forum: April 1970 at Niskayuna HS

Fagin in Oliver: Nov. 1971 at Niskayuna HS

Jimmy Smith in No, No Nanette:   1970 at Niskayuna HS

Sitting Bull in Annie Get Your Gun: Nov. 1972 at Niskayuna HS. Joe Fava states: “Ron had a great time.”

Soloist: 60th Anniversary Concert: Oct. 1987 at State Street Opera House. Last appearance with SLOC.


Ron’s was a versatile actor who was also appeared with Schenectady Civic (ex.: Boyfriendand Look Homeward, Angel. Yet, Ron’s favorite role was Fagin. I have been told by our previous Historian, Paula Farquharson, that his comic abilities were wonderful. I saw a little of Fagin at that board meeting, the good Fagin. Rest in Peace….and THANK YOU!


Alan Angelo

Historian/June 2018