Falsettos follow Marvin, who struggles to create a tightknit family out of his eclectic array of core relationships (including his ex-wife, his new boyfriend, his adolescent son, his psychiatrist and his neighbors). Amidst a series of monumental life changes, he is forced to reckon with his own views on love, responsibility and what it means to be a man.


  • Marvin: Matthew G. Moross
  • Trina: Joan M. Horgan
  • Jason: Ryan Sommers Baum
  • Whizzer: William J. Spillane
  • Mendel: Colin A. McCarty
  • Dr. Charlotte: Suzane Talarico
  • Cordelia: Loretta Romero

Production Team

  • Producer/Asst Director: Jacqueline Bee
  • Director/Choreographer: Thomas Dalton Bambury
  • Music Director: Theresa Fitzmaurice
  • Producer Intern: Debi Meade
  • Stage Manager: Clair Bee
  • Set Design and Construction: Ted Vickery
  • Costumes: The Cast
  • Make-up Design: Thomas Dalton Bambury
  • Lighting Design and Execution: Greg Rucinski
  • Properties: Barbara Petersen and Steven Pelton
  • Hair Design: Loretta Romero
  • Sound: Paul Croteau

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April 28-30 & May 4-7, 1995