The madcap life of eccentric Mame Dennis and her bohemian, intellectual arty clique is disrupted when her deceased brother’s 10-year-old son, Patrick, is entrusted to her care. Rather than bow to convention, Mame introduces the boy to her free-wheeling lifestyle, instilling in him her credo, “Life is a banquet, and most poor sons-of-bitches are starving to death.” Figuring in the storyline are Agnes Gooch (Mame’s personal secretary and nanny-in-law), Vera Charles (her “bosom buddy” baritone actress and world’s greatest lush) and Dwight Babcock (the stuffy and officious executor of her brother’s estate). Featuring one of the most dynamic and lovable heroines of the Broadway stage, Mame is wildly optimistic-and just plain wild-ode to a colorful, unconventional, well-lived life. Jerry Herman’s famous score includes the poignant pathos of “If He Walked Into My Life,” the catty duet “Bosom Buddies,” and the life-is-a-banquet vigor of “Open a New Window.”


  • Patrick Dennis, age 10: Robb Harrison
  • Agnes Gooch: Barbara Mahlmann
  • Vera Charles: René Balsam
  • Mame Dennis: Lois Stilley
  • Ralph Devine: Don White
  • Bishop: Scott W. Fields
  • M. Lindsey Woolsey: Colin McCarty
  • Ito: Alan Angelo
  • Doorman: Thomas L. Heckert
  • Elevator Boy: Tom Bambury
  • Messenger: Rick Walen
  • Dwight Babcock: David Perriman
  • Art Model: Donna Moore
  • Artist: Paul Snay
  • Dance Teacher: Christine Koblensky
  • Leading Man: Ken Zarnoch
  • Stage Manager: Scott W. Fields
  • Madame Branislowski: Jennifer Snyder
  • Gregor: Arthur Forget
  • Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside: Jim Fraser
  • Uncle Jeff: Scott W. Fields
  • Cousin Fan: Donna Brunkhurst
  • Sally Cato: Marion Foster
  • Mother Burnside: Lee Anne LeClaire
  • Patrick Dennis, age 19-29: Steve Kilgore
  • Junior Babcock: Christopher Parker
  • Mrs. Upson: Pearl Albrechtsen
  • Mr. Upson: Mike Knapp
  • Gloria Upson: Cynthia Giordano
  • Pegeen Ryan: Kelly Doyle
  • Peter Dennis: Joseph Gabriel
  • Chorus: Kate Boone, Donna Brunkhurst, Patricia Calkins, Ann F. Conway, William Depew, Scott W. Fields, Arthur Forget, Marion Foster, Alan Foster, Thomas L. Heckert, Philip Kaufman, Christine Koblensky, Lee Anne LeClaire, Donna Moore, Michele Perez, Paul Snay, Jennifer Snyder, Rick Walen, Don White, Leslie Zeh
  • Dancers: Tom Bambury, Alex Campoli, Beth Campoli, Jennifer Koblensky, Happy McPartlin, Wayne Nelson, Donna Panzl, Scott Westervelt, Ken Zarnoch

Production Team

  • Director: Carmen Sgarlata
  • Assistant to Director: Ted Rucinski
  • Music Director: Don MacMillan
  • Choreographer: Donna Cerniglia Panzl
  • Assistant to Choreographer: Beth Campoli
  • Producers: Michael W. Jegabbi and Thelma Zeh
  • Set Design and Construction: Don Countermine
  • Stage Manager: Matthew Teichner
  • Asst Stage Manager: Maia Olff
  • Lighting Design and Execution: George Cain
  • Sound: Charles LaMalfa
  • Make-up/Hair: Jim Hulett

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December 1-3, 1989