How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

This Pulitzer Prize winning musical for Best Drama invites us all to join “The Brotherhood of Man.” Ambitious window washer J. Pierrepont Finch happens upon a book entitled ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’ and decides to take its advice – with some colorful results. Finch begins his climb up the corporate ladder by landing a job in the mail room at the World Wide Wicket Company, and he quickly gains promotions. If he reaches the very top of the organization, will he be able to keep the heart of Rosemary, the sweet young secretary who will be “Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm?


  • J. Pierrepont Finch: Colin A. McCarty
  • Mr. Gatch: John Field Wood
  • Mr. Jenkins: Chris Parker
  • Mr. Johnson: Shawn Cahill
  • Mr. Matthews: Timothy A. Gibbs
  • Mr. Davis: John L. Wescott
  • Mr. Tackaberry: Mike O’Brien
  • Mr. Twimble: Theodore Zeltner
  • J.B. Biggley: Bill Hickman
  • Rosemary: Sheila Morris Barnes
  • Mr. Bratt: John Drahzal
  • Smitty: Suzane Talarico
  • Bud Frump: Steve Pelton
  • Miss Krumholz: Rosalyn L. Thyssen
  • Miss Jones: Paula Ginder
  • Hedy La Rue: Melissa Mason
  • First Scrubwoman: Linda Howe
  • Second Scrubwoman: Jacqueline Bee
  • Mr. Ovington: David Herrington
  • TV Announcer: David Herrington
  • Wickette Dancers: Shawn Cahill, Amelia Essman, Timothy A. Gibbs, Maria A. Lally, Donna Cerniglia Panzl, John L. Wescott
  • Policeman: Claire Bee
  • Wally Womper: Ted Peck
  • Ensemble: Jacqueline Bee, Shawn Cahill, Amelia Essman, Timothy A. Gibbs, Linda Howe, Maria A. Lally, Debi Meade, Mike O’Brien, Donna Cerniglia Panzl, Chris Parker, Sandi Jo Rumsey, Sonya M. Sidhu, Rosalyn L. Thyssen, John L. Wescott, John Field Wood

Production Team

  • Co-Producers: Mary Ann Concra and Thelma Zeh
  • Director/Choreographer: Thomas D. Bambury
  • Music Director: Catherine R. Giammatteo
  • Asst. Director: Jacqueline Bee
  • Set Design/Master Carpenter: Ken Zarnoch
  • Set Painting: Drew and Ginnie Mills
  • Costume Designers: Jenniver Sparano and Steve Kilgore
  • Stage Manager: Claire Bee
  • Properties: Lori Koopman
  • Make-up Design: Thomas D. Bambury
  • Hair Design: Loretta Romero
  • Sound: Chuck LaMalfa

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April 22-23, 29-30, & May 7-8, 1994