The Rothschilds

The Rothschilds

The Rothschilds is an uplifting, true story of the Jewish family that grew from the confines of the Frankfurt ghetto to become a dominant banking power throughout Europe. It’s a show in celebration not only of emancipation, but of the strength of family.


  • Prince William of Hesse: Larry Maranville
  • Guard: Thomas D. Bambury
  • Mayer Rothschild: Jeffrey Singer
  • First Urchin: Robb Harrison
  • Second Urchin: Noah Feldman
  • Third Urchin: Robert Gennett
  • Gutele Rothschild: Carolyn Williams
  • First Vendor: William Gray
  • Second Vendor: Jim Leveskas
  • Third Vendor: Jack Wheeler
  • Budurus: Arthur Forget
  • First Banker: Thomas D. Bambury
  • Second Banker: Jon Tanzman
  • Young Amshel Rothschild: Noah Feldman
  • Young Solomon Rothschild: Martin Zeller
  • Young Nathan Rothschild: Robert Gennett
  • Young Jacob Rothschild: Michael Turner
  • Blum: William Gray
  • Mrs. Kaufman: Rachel Pearlman
  • Mrs. Segal: Leslie Maiello Gennett
  • Pauper: Jon Tanzman
  • Amshel Rotchschild: Michael Query
  • Solomon Rothschild: William harrison
  • Jacob Rothschild: John C. Babjeck, Jr.
  • Nathan Rothschild: Jim Fraser
  • Kalman Rothschild: Andrew Meidenbauer
  • Joseph Fouche: Larry Maranville
  • Herries: Larry Maranville
  • Skeptic: Thomas D. Bambury
  • Hannah Cohen: Elisabeth Bischoff
  • Prince Metternich: Larry Maranville
  • Ensemble: Carol Arnold, Thomas D. Bambury, Arthur Forget, Leslie Maiello Gennett, William Gray, Robb Harrison, Jim Leveskas, Steven Misenhimer, Rachel Pearlman, Alison Sharpley, Jon Tanzman, Jack Wheeler

Production Team

  • Producers: Virginia and Drew Mills
  • Director/Choreographer: Helena Binder Bress
  • Music Director: Vincent Bonafede
  • Lighting Design and Execution: Henry Skoburn
  • Set Designer: Jim Fraser
  • Set Construction: Ted Vickery
  • Scenic Artists: Virginia and Drew Mills
  • Stage Manager: Arthur Gauvreau
  • Costumes: Sandra Catricala
  • Make-up Design: Ted Rucinski and Dave Harrison
  • Properties: Melinda Zarnoch and Michael Jegabbi
  • Sound: Chuck LaMalfa

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December 4-6, 11-13, 18-20, 1992