The timeless enchantment of a magical fairy tale is reborn with Rodgers & Hammerstein hallmarks of originality, charm and elegance. The characters of the famous fairy tale are given greater depth plus a more human quality, an it is only through Cinderella’s innocent faith in a miracle that allows her wish to go to the ball to come true. Musical highlights include “In My Own Little Corner”, “A Lovely Night”, “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?” and “Impossible”.


  • Godmother: Gwen Ellen Fraser
  • Herald: Tom Heckert
  • Stepmother: Mary Jean Frank
  • Portia: Lisa Burns
  • Joy: Suzane Talarico
  • Cinderella: Jane McLeod
  • King: William Gray
  • Queen: Bonnie Williams
  • Chef: Ken Zarnoch
  • Steward: Gary Almy
  • Prince Christopher: David Louis
  • Townspeople: Gary Almy, Alan Angelo, Thomas Bambury, Ann Casey, Susan Cassella, Caitlin Deily, Evan Deily, Todd DuBrey, Art Forget, Tom Heckert, Steven Hurd, Kathleen Noonan, Rachel Noonan, Frank Paparella, Christopher Parker, Rita Russell, Jennifer Snyder, Russell Swanker, Richard Van Slyke, Molly Wright, Ken Zarnoch

Production Team

  • Producer: Gioia Ottaviano
  • Asst Producer: Alan Angelo
  • Directors: Matthew Moross, Duncan Morrison
  • Asst Director: Eleanor Strack
  • Music Director: Vincent M. Bonafede
  • Choreographer: Helena Binder Bress
  • Set Design: Duncan Morrison
  • Set Construction and Decor: Duncan Morrison, William Morrison & team
  • Technical Director: George Cain
  • Stage Manager: Ted Peck
  • Special Effects: Peter Holmes
  • Lighting: Robert Willard & team
  • Sound: Charles LaMalfa, Tom Viola
  • Costumes: Lois Morrison, Lloyd Waiwaiole & team
  • Make-up: Michael W. Jegabbi, Joe Agostine, Jr. & team
  • Hair Stylists: Sal Falace, Courtney Frank, Jim Hulett, Wendy Bryan

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December 2-4, 1988