From the legendary writers, Bock and Harnick (Fiddler on the Roof, She Loves Me) and George Abbott, comes the classic feel-good musical, Fiorello!. With crooked double-crossers and manipulators working the political puppets, “Tammany Hall” is in desperate need of an honest man to snip the strings. With guts and perseverance, Fiorello is just the man to put a bright, new shine on the Big Apple. His rise to power is a strained journey as LaGuardia does his best to retain his continuously positive outlook on life while navigating the ups the downs of his life in civil service. (Synopsis retrieved from


  • Fiorello H. LaGuardia: Ted Peck
  • Neil: Randall B. Mix
  • Morris: Tom Watthews
  • Mrs. Pomerantz: Seana Munson
  • Mr. Lopez: John Drahzal
  • Mr. Zappetella: John M. O’Donaghue
  • Dora: Mychelle Lee Vedder
  • Marie: Barbara Mahlmann
  • Ben Marino: Mark A. Alciati
  • Dealer: Hank Pedicone
  • Card Players: Matthew Archibald, Alan Angelo, Joe Malone, Colin A. McCarty and Bill McColl
  • Hecklers: Colin A. McCarty, John M. O’Donaghue, John Drahzal
  • Nina: Debbie Paul
  • Floyd: Bruce Williams
  • Sophie: Suzane Talarico
  • Thea: Ruth Moore
  • Senator: Bill McColl
  • Chadwick: Colin A. McCarty
  • Frantic: John M. O’Donaghue
  • Derby: Matthew Archibald
  • Fedora: Debbie Paul
  • Frankie: John Drahzal
  • Mitzi: Debra Fredette
  • Florence: Kim Knighttes
  • Reporter/Tough Guy: John Drahzal
  • Woman: Jacqueline Bee
  • Man: Alan Angelo
  • Judge Carter: Alan Angelo
  • Ensemble: Alan Angelo, Matthew Archibald, Jacqueline Bee, John Drahzal, Rosana Escobar, Debra Fredette, Kim Knightes, Joe Malone, Colin A. McCarty, Bill McColl, Seana Munson, John M. O’Donaghue, Debbie Paul, Hank Pedicone and Suzane Talarico

Production Team

  • Producer/Asst Director: Thomas L. Heckert, Jr.
  • Director/Set Designer: Dick Harte
  • Music Director: Jean Van Syckle
  • Choreographer: Caren Lessner
  • Lighting Design and Execution: Greg Rucinski
  • Set Construction/Painting: Dick Harte & team
  • Stage Manager: Clair Bee
  • Costumes: Molly Wright
  • Make-up Design: Joseph A. Agostine, Jr.
  • Hair Design: Loretta Romero
  • Properties: The Cast
  • Sound: Paul Croteau

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October 9-11, 16-18, & 23-25, 1992