SLOC’s 2016-2017 Youth Production!

One of the most explosive movie musicals in recent memory bursts onto the live stage with exhilarating results. When Ren and his mother move from Chicago to a small farming town, Ren is prepared for the inevitable adjustment period at his new high school. What he isn’t prepared for are the rigorous local edicts, including a ban on dancing instituted by the local preacher, determined to exercise the control over the town’s youth that he cannot command in his own home. When the reverend’s rebellious daughter sets her sights on Ren, her roughneck boyfriend tries to sabotage Ren’s reputation, with many of the locals eager to believe the worst about the new kid. The heartfelt story that emerges is of a father longing for the son he lost and of a young man aching for the father who walked out on him.

To the rockin’ rhythm of its Oscar and Tony-nominated top 40 score (the soundtrack album reached number one on the Billboard charts and has sold over 15 million copies!) and augmented with dynamic new songs for the stage musical, FOOTLOOSE celebrates the wisdom of listening to young people, guiding them with a warm heart and an open mind.

Production Team

  • Director: Christopher Stefani
  • Music Director: Tyler Thomas
  • Choreographer: Trish Scott-Dembling
  • Producers: Mary Darcy & Melissa Putterman-Hoffmann
  • Assistant Director: Matthew Dembling
  • Stage Manager: Christopher A. Semerad
  • Asst Stage Manager: Lynn Stefani
  • Set Designer & Master Carpenter: Adam M. Coons
  • Sound Designer: Sarah Katz
  • ¬†Lighting Designer: Michael Gatzendorfer
  • Master Electrician & Lighting Assistant: Bob Healey
  • Costume Designer: Carol Brown
  • Make-up Designer: Elizabeth Sherwood-Mack
  • Hair Designer: Nichole Burkus
  • Property Mistress: Melissa Peterson


  • Ren McCormack: Matthew Boyce
  • Ethel McCormack: Lauren DiCocco
  • Reverend Shaw Moore: Jacob Lehning
  • Vi Moore: Hailey Aldrich
  • Ariel Moore: Kaeli Heffner
  • Lulu Warnicker: Kelly Collins
  • Wes Warnicker: Paul Amirault
  • Coach Roger Dunbar: Cameron Brunson
  • Eleanor Dunbar: Shannon Foley
  • Rusty: Amanda Leske
  • Urleen: Emily Gallinger
  • Wendy Jo: Julianna Taglione Pollicino
  • Willard Hewitt: Derek Petti
  • Chuck Cranston: Colin Gioia
  • Lyle: Evan Finke
  • Travis: Ashton Fariello
  • Betty Blast: Monica Rathbone
  • Jeter: Alexander Cherry
  • Bickle: Scott Brown
  • Garvin: Ian Justino
  • Cowboy Bob: Edison Roberts
  • Ensemble: Amelia Allen, Alex Burgess, Michael Burns, Abby Countermine, Skylar Eagle, Caitlyn Efner, Claire Flynn, Shannon Foley, Caley Lacey, Miller Lawton, Adrianna Lawton, Krystal Lukesic, Brooke Mahoney, Caitlin Schauffert, Sarah Sible, Lauren Sullivan, Kaylee Whelan, Regan Zlotnick.

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TANYS Awards

  • Excellence in Production Design and Execution to the Production team
  • Excellence in Performance to the Cast
  • Excellence in Choreography to Trish Scott-Dembling
November 11-13 & 17-20, 2016