Me and My Girl

Me and My Girl

Me and My Girl revolves around an unapologetically unrefined cockney gentleman named Bill who learns that he is the 14th heir to the Early of Hareford. However, he will only receive his inheritance if Sir John and the Duchess approve of him. The Duchess feels that with a little grooming, Bill will be suitable to inherit the title- and the money. However, she insists that Bill break up with his cockney girlfriend, Sally.


  • Lady Jaqueline Carstone: Christine Ille
  • Honorable Gerald Bolingbroke: Thom Gonyeau
  • Stockbroker: Robert Whiteman
  • Lord Battersby: Bruce Williams
  • Lady Battersby: Carol Charniga
  • Herbert Parchester: Richard Harte
  • Sir Jasper Tring: Ron Rivers
  • Maria, Duchess of Dene: Paula Ginder
  • Sir John Tremayne: John Field Wood
  • Charles Hethersett, the Butler: Martin O’Connor
  • Footmen: Daniel P. Keon, John Robert McEnerney, Wilfredo Ramirez, Jr.
  • Bill Snibson: Colin A McCarty
  • Sally Smith: Elisa Verb
  • Mrs. Worthington-Worthington: Donna Panzl
  • Lady Diss: Christine Sinacore
  • Lady Brighton: Rachel Leah Pearlman
  • Bob Barking: Martin O’Connor
  • Telegraph Boy: John Robert McEnerney
  • Mrs. Brown: Carol Charniga
  • Lambeth Girl: Christine Sinacore
  • Constable: William McColl
  • Ensemble: Elizabeth Brown, Daneil P. Keon, Jr., Nicole Levesque, Kristin Joy Logan, Christine M. Marcella, William McColl, John R. McEnerney, Donna Panzl, Rachel Leah Pearlman, Wilfredo Ramirez, Jr., Christine Sinacore, Meredith Smith, Robert Whiteman, Bruce Williams

Production Team

  • Co-Producers: Jacqueline Mosher and Orlando Pigliavento
  • Director and Choreographer: Debra Ann Draper
  • Music Director: Butch Marshall
  • Set Design and Decor: Ginnie and Drew Mills
  • Set Construction: Varro Clarke
  • Costume Design: Diana Roth
  • Lighting Design and Execuation: Peter J. Codella
  • Sound: Paul Croteau
  • Properties: Jo-Ann Moz
  • Make-up and Hair Design: Elizabeth Guthinger
  • Stage Manager: Jill A. Coloney

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December 5-7 & 11-14, 1997