Debbie Lummis

The Capital Region theatre community mourns the loss of one of our great costume designers and friends, Debbie Lummis. Debbie was involved at SLOC and theaters across the area for many years and touched the lives of many people. She was an amazingly kind person and talented collaborator. Debbie had an impressive list of productions at SLOC where she was the Costume Designer, including, Rocky Horror, Spamalot, Shrek, Guys and Dolls, Beauty and the Beast, Hair, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, Little Shop of Horrors, Next to Normal, Hairspray, and Fiddler on the Roof. She worked with numerous directors at SLOC, as well as at other venues, which is a testament to her ability to work with multiple people in the same positive and creative way. She was awarded many TANYS awards for her work in costuming. But one of the things you always heard from the other designers in the community was that she could be depended upon as a go- to person when the costume designer was in need of help, or a special piece or something unique. Debbie would often respond, “I’ll be right over tonight with that”. She was that kind of person– a go-to type with a kind and smiling face always ready to lend a hand.


Perhaps what stands out most about Debbie is her sense of caring. Whether it was costumes in a show, working at her daycare, or taking care of her beloved cats, Debbie showed great care and attention to everyone and everything she touched with her presence. Debbie cared about the costumes she designed for each show, but more importantly, she cared about the people in their costumes. She cared about meeting the moment and a vision, cared about how performers felt, and inspired our confidence. Though Debbie is no longer with us, her positivity, kindness, and caring will live on in the many lives she touched. While her creative work can be seen in reflection of many of the shows she did at SLOC in many stunning and beautiful photos, what will remain as her strongest contribution to us all is her undying commitment to the community– the love for our community, our community theater and the wonderful collaboration that we all do in coming together to make something special. She will be missed.


Tribute by Connie Rowe Rauhauser, May 2020