Ken Nelson


Ken conducting the orchestra at Proctors: ANNIE






Ken was a well-known and well-respected conductor and musical director with SLOC. Ken especially liked conducting the large orchestras that SLOC employed when performing shows at Proctors. Ken was a model railroad enthusiast. In 2021, the National Railroad Association awarded Ken, the, Master Model Rail Maker #688. Ken was also, an expert low brass player. Together with his wife Barbara, son Tim, and daughter Patti; the Nelsons have contributed a lot to the SLOC family. Thank you!


  • I Do! I Do!  State Street Opera House  Feb/March 1974
  • Fantasticks  Oct. 1974 State Street Opera House  Oct. 1974
  • George M    Niskayuna High School  April 1976
  • Curley McDimple   State Street Opera House Oct. 1977
  • No, No Nanette   Niskayuna High School  April 1979
  • The King and I   Proctors Theater April 1981
  • Oklahoma  Proctors Theater  April 1982
  • Annie   Proctors Theater  Dec. 1984
  • Peter Pan   Proctors Theater  Dec. 1986
  • The Most Happy Fella   Proctors Theater  May 1990


  • Amahl and the Night Visitors  Shepherd  Niskayuna High School  Nov. 1970
  • Oliver  Mr. Sowerberry  Niskayuna High School  Nov. 1971


  •  Burnt Hills School District: Music Teacher (vocal)
  •  Scotia Reformed Church: Music Director

The Nelsons were a family affair. Ken along with his wife Barbara (Bobbi) a SLOC musical assistant director, and their children participated in SLOC productions. In the show, Annie (1984): Ken, Barbara, and daughter Patti were all involved. Patti played the role of Lilly St. Regis. Barbara was Assistant Musical Director and played the role of Mrs. Greer. Ken was Musical Director and Conductor.