Barnum tells the story of the Prince of Humbug, Phineas Taylor Barnum. Over the objections of his wife, Charity, Barnum attempts to create a show in which the main attractions are freaks of society. Included in this mix of characters includes the oldest women alive, Joice Heth, the smallest man in the world, Tom Thumb, and to top it all off, a glamorous Swedish opera singer, Jenny Lind. Eventually, to appease Charity, Barnum agrees to give up the show and start a normal life. In the end, after Charity dies, Barnum returns to the circus business in grand fashion by forming a partnership with James A. Bailey. Thus, the two men form The Greatest Show on Earth.


  • Phineas Taylor Barnum: Robert Stewart McDougall
  • Chairy Barnum: Belinda Nero Florada
  • Ringmaster/Mr. Bailey: Don Countermine
  • Joice Heth: Rosalyn Thyssen
  • Tom Thumb: Jennifer Koblensky
  • Jenny Lind: Mary Frances Miller
  • Julius Goldschmidt: Armand Guerin
  • Blues Singer: Rene Balsam
  • Chester Lyman: Nelson D. Soto
  • Amos Scudder: Ted Peck
  • Sherwood Stratton: Joseph A. Agostine, Jr.
  • Mrs. Sherwood Stratton: Melissa T. Mason (Dance Captain)
  • Wilton: Jim Flynn
  • Edgar Templeton: Thomas L. Heckert
  • Humbert Morrissey: Alan Angelo
  • First Woman: Laura Reisch
  • Second Woman: Jacqueline Bee
  • Concertmaster: Thom E. Tryon
  • Mermaid: Michelle Perez
  • Clown Alley
    • Syl-Lee: Rene Balsam
    • Giggles: Thomas D. Bambury
    • Pouch: Larry Niemiec
    • Wiggles: Matthew Nowosielski
    • Allegro: Scott R. Payne
    • Snookums: Claudette T. Perras
    • Clancy: Katie Saurack
    • Appleseed: Leslie Zeh
    • Baby Clown: Gregory Niemiec
  • Beefeaters: Frederick J. Polnisch, Thom E. Tryong
  • Village People/Circus People: Joseph A. Agostine, Jr., Alan Angelo, Jacqueline Bee, Jim Flynn, Charlotte Gerstenberger, Armand Guerin, Thomas L. Heckert, Audrey Hoffman, Jennifer Koblensky, Melissa T. Mason, Mary Frances Miller, Denise K. Mosby, Gregory Niemiec, Ted Peck, Michelle Perez, Frederick J. Polnisch, Christine Quinlan, Laura Reisch, Nelson D. Soto, Rosalyn L. Thyssen, Thom E. Tryon, Jocelyn M. Zimmerman
  • Tumblers: Carey Brinsmaid, Cindy Brinsmaid, Dawn Diggs, Lisa Golden, Jennifer Langlais, Happy McPartlin, Tomi Peternell, Amy Sadlon

Production Team

  • Producers: Michael W. Jegabbi, Thelma Zeh
  • Director: Carmen Sgarlata
  • Music Director: Vincent M. Bonafede
  • Choreographer: Linda Mastro Kieru
  • Special Gymnastics: Mara Merritt
  • Set Design: Bob Farquharson
  • Set Construction: Varro Clarke, Peter Codella
  • Set Decoration: Bob Farquharson
  • Stage Manager: Ted Peck
  • Pyrotechnics: Peter Holmes
  • Lighting Design: George Cain
  • Sound: Chuck LaMalfa
  • Costumes: Molly Wright
  • Make-up: Sally Farrell
  • Hairstylist: Michael Marsello
  • Properties: Elaine Fortune

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April 8-10, 1988