“Carousel” is a tale of romance and tragedy, hope and redemption, set in a gritty nineteenth-century Maine mill-and-seafaring town. It centers on the unexpected and rocky romance of a tough drifter, carnival barker Billy Bigelow and Julie Jordan, a willful mill girl. Together they face the consequences of their rash choices – particularly after Billy falls in with the raffish sailor Jigger Craigin. Also told is the tale of romance between Julie’s effervescent pal, Carrie and fisherman Enoch Snow, who dreams of success and a big family.


  • Julie Jordan – Amy Shake
  • Carrie Pipperidge- Leslie Eliashuk
  • Mrs. Mullin- Judi Merriam
  • Billy Bigelow – Shawn Hahn
  • David Bascombe- Bill Hickman
  • Mrs. Bascombe- Sue Culver
  • Nettie Fowler- Janice Walz
  • Enoch Snow – Eric Nelsen
  • Jigger Craigin – Brendan Patrick Dwyer
  • Arminy- Kacie Rea
  • Capt. Watson- Phil Matthei
  • The Starkeeper/Doc Seldon – Raymond Burn
  • A Heavenly Friend – Laurel Burns
  • Louise Bigelow- Georgianna Nadine Jordan
  • Enoch Snow Jr. – John LaCombe
  • The Snow Children- Alexa Burgess, Mary Durocher, Sarah Durocher, Lindsay Humphrey, Mcayla Humphrey, Chad Miller, Katie Victor, Cassandra Marie Wright
  • The Principal- William McColl
  • Louise’s Classmates- Kara Hogan, Bria Kelly, Courteney Kerin, Will Wisenhunt
    The Carnival Troupe:
  • The Juggler- Jeffrey Jene
  • His Apprentices- Sadie Buerker, Tayvon T. Ward, Will Wisenhunt
  • The Fortune Teller- Barbara Mangino
  • The Three Beauties- Vivian Hwang, Felicia Schaller, Sarah Meunier
  • Their Barker- Andrew Rycraft
    The Ensemble:
  • Roustabouts and Boys- David Boylan, Travis Brunell, Ray Burns, John LaCombe, Joe Malone, Bill McColl, Tayvon T. Ward, Will Wisenhunt
  • Mill Women and Girls- Sadie Buerker, Laurel Burns, Kara Hogan, Vivian Hwang, Bria Kelly, Courteney Kerin, Adriana King, Barbara Mangino, Sarah Meunier, Michelle Miller, Margot Phillips, Kacie Rea, Felicia Schaller, Cara Victor
  • Sailors- Jeffrey Jene, Phil Matthei, Andrew Rycraft

Production Team

  • Co-producers – Joe and Mary Ann Concra
  • Director – Joe Phillips
  • Music Director – Sherri Strichman
  • Choreographer – Donna Hatch
  • Assistant Director – Anna Groper
  • Stage Manager – Shawn Bilodeau
  • Assistant Stage Manager – Kit Goldstein
  • Set Designer – Joe Fava
  • Construction Supervisor – Richard Lenehan
  • Lighting Designer – Jeff Victor
  • Costume Design – Michael Camelovery
  • Makeup – Seana Munson
  • Props – Richard Lloyd

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May 13-15 & 19-22, 2011