Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is fun and fabulous musical that tells the tawdry tale of two con men living on the French Riviera – a suave and sophisticated ladies’ man who makes his living by talking rich ladies out of their money, and a small-town crook who swindles sympathetic women with sob stories about his grandmother’s failing health.

The duo soon discovers that their small French town isn’t big enough for the two of them, and they negotiate a challenge to determine which of them must leave town. A hilarious battle of cons ensues and keeps the audience laughing, humming and guessing to the end!


  • Lawrence Jameson – Steve Leifer
  • Freddy Benson – Joel Bramer
  • Christine Colgate – Heather- Liz Copps
  • Andre Thibault – Norman Eick
  • Muriel Eubanks – Mary Darcy
  • Jolene Oakes – Brittany Glenn (Dance Captain)
  • Lenore – Diane Skibinski
  • Sophia – Leah Sharron
  • Policeman/Statue – Ted Savoy
  • Conductor/ Docent / Hotel Manager/Nikos – Robert Farquharson
  • Croupier/Porter/Bartender – William Sanderson
  • Desk Clerk – Jocelyn Barkenhagen
  • Flower Seller – Willow Lautenburg
  • Gerard/Sailor 2- Patrick Reilly
  • Mime – Jacob James
  • Renee – Aline Gianfagna
  • Waiter/Bellboy-Jason Tillery
  • Sailor 1/Newspaper Seller – Noel Savoy
  • Ensemble: Patrick Reilly, Robert Farquharson, Jason Tillery, Noel Savoy, Ted Savoy, William Sanderson, Aline Gianfagna, Bethany Karpowitz, Jocelyn Barkenhagen, Jordan Fyvie (Dance Captain), Diane Skibinski, Leah Sharron, Willow Lautenburg
  • Nightclubers: Patrick Reilly, Leah Sharron, Noel Savoy, Jordan Fyvie, Willow Lautenburg, Jocelyn Barkenhagen
  • Heavenly Chorus: Ted Savoy, Robert Farguharson, Diane Skibinski, Aline Gianfagna, Bethany Karpowitz
  • Nuns: Aline Gianfagna, Bethany Karpowitz, Jocelyn Barkenhagen, Jordan Fyvie
  • Tourists: Willow Lautenburg, Leah Sharron, Noel Savoy, Patrick Reilly

Production Team

  • Director – Michael Gatzendorfer
  • Producer – Mary Darcy
  • Music Director – Adrienne Sherman
  • Choreographer – Edmund Metzold
  • Intern Director – Anna Starr
  • Stage Manager – Peter Caracappa
  • Assistant Stage Manager – Christopher A. Semerad
  • Scenic Design – Robert Farquharson and Sharon C. Wemple
  • Lighting Designer/Master Electrician – Robert Healey
  • Sound Design – Winn Huntley
  • Costume Designers – Natalie Pizzolo and Karen Larsen
  • Make-Up Designer – Marcia Lenehan
  • Hair Designer and Coordinator – Amber Murphy
  • Props – Joe and Mary Ann Concra
  • Board Liaison – Ann Parillo

TANYS Awards

  • Meritorious Achievement in Ensemble Work to the Cast
  • Meritorious Achievement in Choreography to Edmund Metzold
  • Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Steve Leifer for his potrayal of Lawrence Jameson
  • Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Joel Bramer for his portrayal of Freddy Benson
  • Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Heather-Liz Copps for her portrayal of Christine Colgate
  • Excellence in Scenic Design to Robert Farquharson and Sharon Wemple

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February 8-10 & 14-17, 2013