A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum delivers an evening (or afternoon) of unconditional and frivolous fun. Drawing from the Roman comedies of Plautus, A Funny Thing is a riotous farce. Pseudolus, a slave desperate for his freedom, is left in charge of his master’s young son, Hero. It seems that Hero has fallen in love with a beautiful courtesan and promises Pseudolus his freedom if he can arrange a marriage under his father’s nose. But this clever slave cannot begin to predict the madness that ensues as he tries to bring the lovers together.


  • Pseudolus: Ted Peck
  • Senex: Scott Lathrop
  • Domina: Mary Frances Miller
  • Hysterium: Thomas H. Watthews
  • Hero: Jeff Schaub
  • Lycus: Joe Phillips
  • Philia: Elisabeth M. Bischoff
  • Erronius: Peter Stewart
  • Miles: Robert Banks
  • Courtesans: Karen Sabo, Jennifer M. Harkins, Sandra MacKinnond, Tracy Heller
  • Proteans: Harry Lummis, Jr., Cliff Hopkins, Michael Dale

Production Team

  • Producer: Linda Nowosielski
  • Director: Allan Foster
  • Music Director: Vince Bonefede
  • Choreographer: Denise Baker
  • Set Design and Decor: Ginnie Mills & team
  • Set Construction: Elaine Fortune & team
  • Stage Manager: Jack Ryan
  • Costumes: Judi Merriam, Molly Wright
  • Properties: Sue Fish, Steve Cicchinelli
  • Lighting: Jean Dowd
  • Sound: Paul Croteau, Chuck LaMalfa
  • Make-up: Carolyn Hauke, Sally Mosher
  • Latin Consultant: Anne Peterson
  • Juggling Consultant: Tim Chapman

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March 6-8 & 13-15, 1987