Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls

Desperate to find money to pay for his floating crap game, Nathan Detroit bets Sky Masterson a thousand dollars that Sky will not be able to take a local Salvation Army girl, Sarah Brown, to Cuba. While Sky eventually is able to convince Sarah to join him, Nathan battles with his fiancé of fourteen years, Adelaide. Meanwhile in Cuba, Sky ends up falling in love with Sarah and tries to reform his gambling ways. When he returns back to New York, he bets all the members of the floating crap game that if he wins his roll of the dice, they will all have to go to church and repent. If he loses, he will give them each a thousand dollars. He ends up winning and all the gamblers end up visiting the mission and repenting their sins.


  • Sky Masterson – Andrew Elder
  • Sarah Brown – Maggie Ecker
  • Nathan Detroit – Michael Bellotti
  • Miss Adelaide – Laura Tortorici-Malatesta
  • Nicely-Nicely Johnson- Bill Harrison
  • Benny Southstreet – Josh Rivera
  • Rusty Charlie – Jeff Hocking
  • Arvide Abernathy – William M. Sanderson
  • General Matilda Cartwright – Elizabeth Sherwood-Mack
  • Big Jule/Shady Guy – Keith R. Searles
  • Harry the Horse/Drunk – Bill Depew
  • Lt. Brannigan/Joey Biltmore – Peter Caracappa
  • Angie the Ox/Prizefighter/Charlie/Havana Dancer – Matthew Dembling
  • Brandy Bottle Bates/Flasher/Havana Waiter – Christopher Malatesta
  • Scranton Slim/Texan/Guy/Hot Box Watier/Havana Dancer – Kee McCollum
  • Society Max/Blind Man/Pickpocket/Havana Dancer – Jordan Alburger
  • Liver Lips Louie/Prizefighter’s Manager/Havana Dancer – Joshua DeMarco (Asst. Dance Captain)
  • The Lemon Drop Kid/Texan – Sawyer Harrington-Verb
  • The Greek/Sightseer – Christopher Semerad
  • Downtown Dan/Featured Havana Dancer – Chad J. Czelusniak-Serviss
  • Agatha – Christina Benardo
  • Martha – Seana Munson
  • Klara – Mary Darcy
  • Mimi/Havana Dancer – Erica Buda-Duran
  • Allison/Havana Dancer – Marina Macherone
  • Ferguson/Havana Dancer – Eliza Figueroa
  • Vernon/Streetwalker/Doll/Havana Dancer – Brittany Glenn (Dance Captain)
  • Kiki/Sightseer/Havana Dancer – Bailey Shaw
  • Roz/Sightseer/Havana Dancer – Hannah Hernandez
  • Tour Guide/Ensemble – Diane Skibinksi
  • Sightseer/Ensemble – Jenna Batchelder
  • Nun/Ensemble – Linda Segreto, Barbara Mangino, Sheila Morris Barnes

Production Team

  • Director – Sev Moro
  • Producer – Jane Figueroa
  • Music Director – Jessica Crisci
  • Choreographer – Christine Marcella
  • Production Assistant – Allie Mantica
  • Administrative Assistant – Kimberly Reilly
  • Production Stage Manager – Kathy Schechtman
  • Costume Designer – Debbie Lummis
  • Lighting Designer – Greg Rucinski
  • Lighting Assistant – Suzanne Rucinski
  • Scenic Designer – Michael McDermott
  • Scenic Painting and Décor – Nora Sabatini, Sev Moro, Michelle Griggy, Kerry Macherone, Haley Macherone, Michelle Grignon
  • Construction Team – Damion Ali, Ray Burns, Don McCollum & Sharon C. Wemple
  • Sound Designer – Bob Healey
  • Hair Designer – Joseph Austin Kennedy
  • Wig Designer – John Fowler
  • Make-up Designer – Seana Munson
  • Make-Up Crew – Marcia Lenehan & Allie Adele
  • Props – Kerry Kyme Macherone
  • Board Liaison – Tom Della Sala

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TANYS Awards

  • Outstanding Costume Design to Debbie Lummis
  • Excellence in Ensemble Acting and Vocal Performance to Laura Tortorici-Malatesta as “Miss Adelaide” and Michael A. Bellotti as “Nathan Detroit”
  • Excellence in Musical Direction to Jessica Crisci
  • Excellence in Musical Performance to Bill Harrison in the role of “Nicely-Nicely Johnson”
  • Meritorious Achievement in Vocal Performance to Maggie Ecker as “Sarah Brown”
  • Meritorious Achievement in Musical Ensemble Performance to the “Hot Box Club Singers and Dancers”
  • Meritorious Achievement in Choreography to Christine Marcella
  • Meritorious Achievement in Lighting Design to Greg and Suzanne Rucinski
  • Meritorious Achievement to the Scenic Design, Painting and Décor to Michael McDermott, Nora Sabatini, Sev Moro, Michelle Griggy, Kerry Macherone, Haley Macherone and Michelle Grignon.
  • Meritorious Achievement in Character Acting and Dialect Execution to Bill Depew as “Harry The Horse”
October 11-13 & 17-20, 2013