Jesus Christ Superstar

Loosely based on the Gospels, Superstar follows the last week of Jesus Christ’s life. It explores the personal relationships and struggles between Jesus, Judas, Mary Magdalene, his disciples, his followers and the Roman Empire. This rock opera is set against the backdrop of an extraordinary and universally-known series of events but seen, unusually, through the eyes of Judas Iscariot. Jesus Christ Superstar illuminates the transcendent power of the human spirit with a passion that goes straight to the heart.

Production Team

  • Director/Choreographer: Trish Scott-Dembling
  • Music Director: Adrienne Sherman and Michael Camelo
  • Assistant Director/Vocal Coach: Michael Camelo
  • Producers: Matthew Dembling and Jill E. Ross
  • Assistant Choreographer: Emily Fuller
  • Stage Manager: Melissa Putterman Hoffmann
  • Asst. Stage Manager: Christopher A. Semerad
  • Set Designer: Michael McDermott
  • Scenic Charge Artist: Marc Christopher
  • Lighting Designer: Greg Rucinski
  • Spot Operator: Heather Marlette
  • Sound Designer: Bob Healey
  • Sound Assistant: Katie Fitzmorris
  • Costume Designer: Michael Camelo
  • Asst. Costume Designer: Kelly Sanford
  • Hair & Make-up Designer: Elizabeth Sherwood-Mack
  • Hair & Make-up Asst: Nichole Burkus
  • Prop Designer: Melissa Peterson
  • Orchestral Arrangements: Thom Coon


  • Judas: Nick Cotrupi
  • Jesus: Kent Benwell
  • Mary: Veronica Lybrand
  • Caiaphas: James Alexander
  • Annas: Robert Titus
  • Simon: Stephen McCauley, Jr.
  • Peter: Joey Titus
  • Pilate: Shawn Olander-Hahn
  • Herod: Bill Geltzeiler
  • Apostles: Nichole Burkus, Elizabeth Corey, Rory DiCristofaro, Gabriel Hage, Caralivia Levanti, John Meglino, Kevin O’Brien, Kevin Ruby, Elizabeth Sherwood-Mack
  • Ensemble: Betsy Rees, Audrey Carlton, Amanda Becker, Ashley Polidore, Rose Biggerstaff

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TANYS Awards

  • Outstanding Award in Direction to Trish Scott-Dembling
  • Excellence in Acting to Nick Cotrupi for his portrayal of Judas Iscariot
  • Excellence in Acting to Kent Benwell for his portrayal of Jesus of Nazareth
  • Excellence in Acting to Veronica Lybrand for her portrayal of Mary Magdalene
  • Excellence in Ensemble Work to the Cast of Jesus Christ Superstar
  • Excellence in Music Direction to Michael Camelo and Adrienne Sherman
  • Excellence in Set Design to Michael McDermott
  • Excellence in Lighting to Greg Rucinski for create lightingSaveSave



January 19-21 & 25-28, 2018