West Side Story

SLOC’s 2017-2018 Youth Production!

Inspired by the timeless story of Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story takes Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, and places them in the vibrant battleground of New York City’s West Side in the 1950’s. With soaring, sophisticated, and diverse melodies, energetic and athletic dance battles, and its remarkably salient social message, West Side Story remains one of American musical theater’s most revolutionary and most loved treasures.

Production Team

  • Director: Suzanne Rayome
  • Music Director: Michael Lotano
  • Choreographer: Trish Scott-Dembling
  • Producers: Amy Clark and Michael Camelo
  • Assistant Choreographers: Joshua DeMarco and Carolyn Frantz
  • Stage Managers: Regina Baker and Melissa Putterman Hoffmann
  • Set Designer & Scenic Artist: Marc Christopher
  • Master Carpenter: Dale Clark
  • Lighting Designer: Greg Rucinski
  • Asst Lighting Designer: Suzanne Talarico Rucinski
  • Sound Designer: Sarah Katz
  • Costume Designers: Connie Rowe Rauhauser and Cheryl Zatt
  • Hair Designers: Nichole Burkus and Elizabeth Sherwood-Mack
  • Make-up Designer: Jamie Winchester
  • Property Designers: Gary M. Hoffmann, Melissa Peterson and Debbie Paniccia


The Jets

  • Riff: George Franklin
  • Tony: Nick Contois
  • Action: Evan Finke
  • A-Rab: Edison Roberts
  • Baby John: Patch Gallagher
  • Snowboy: Matthew Joseph
  • Big Deal: Joey Titus
  • Diesel: Ashton Fariello

The Sharks

  • Bernardo: Michael Burns
  • Maria: Claire Flynn
  • Anita: Hannah Thompson
  • Chino: Tyler Barhydt
  • Pepe: Jon Maltz
  • Indio: Braden Jarosz
  • Luis: Ian Justino
  • Nibbles: Zach Simpson

The Jet Girls

  • Graziella: Gabrielle Van Dyk
  • Velma: Grace Schlembach
  • Minnie: Paige Kenneally
  • Clarice: Abby Countermine
  • Pauline: Lacey Farina
  • Anybodys: Emily Gallinger

The Shark Girls

  • Rosalia: Hailey Aldrich
  • Consuelo: Molly Filburn
  • Teresita: Lauren Dicocco
  • Francisca: Amelia Allen
  • Estella: Mallory Jones
  • Margarita: Kaylee Whelan

The Adults

  • Doc: Scout Santoro
  • Schrank: Cameron Brunson
  • Krupke: Paul Amirault
  • Glad Hand: Zach Simpson

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TANYS Awards

  • Outstanding Direction to Suzanne H. Rayome
  • Outstanding Music Direction to Michael Lotano
  • Outstanding Choreography to Trish Scott-Dembling
  • Outstanding Design and Technical Work to Marc Christopher, Greg Rucinski, Connie Rowe Rauhauser and Cheryl Zatt
  • Outstanding Performance to the Cast
November 10-12 & 16-19, 2017