Lies & Legends

Lies & Legends

Harry Chapin was a rare talent. Prior to his sudden death in a 1981 auto accident on Long Island, he traveled the country, and the world, as both a balladeer and a humanitarian. His unique musical stories comment on life situations as he saw them. The songs reflect on Chapin’s passages, and on our own, through the “circle” of life. Some are true stories told in a poignant manner; others are of a particular time and place; and some are just plain fun, for the singers and for the audience. Chapin celebrated life.


  • James: James E. Ribbans
  • Gail: Gail Garrison
  • Matthew: Matthew G. Moross
  • Shari: Shari Hoffman
  • Scott: Scott Alexander Storm

Production Team

  • Producer: Gioia Ottaviano
  • Asst Producer: Alan Angelo
  • Director: Allan Foster
  • Music Director: Lenore Aldi Snow
  • Scenic Design: Robert Farquharson
  • Painting: Karen Empie
  • Construction: Larry Harmon
  • Stage Manager: Caren Leach
  • Lighting Design: Robert Willard
  • Sound: Paul Croteau
  • Costumes: Molly Wright
  • Makeup: Marjorie Eriole

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October 13-15 20-22, 1989