Mack & Mabel

Mack & Mabel

Mack and Mabel deals with the complex relationship between Max Sennett, a temperamental, workaholic film director and Mabel Normand, a waitress who became one of his biggest stars. In a series of flashbacks, Sennett recalls the time he discovered Mabel back in 1911, her rise to stardom, their love affair, when she leaves him to work for the “serious” director, W.D. Taylor, and finally, her tragic death from a heroine overdose. In the end, Senett creates his own happy ending plotting a scene in which he and Mabel marry.


  • Eddie, the Watchman: Joe Malone
  • Mack Sennett: Jim Kidd
  • Lottie Ames: Pat Brady
  • Frank Wyman: Dave Dixon
  • Freddie: Eric C. Webb
  • Wally: Daniel P. Keon, Jr.
  • Andy: Tom Torebka
  • Ella: Margot Phillips
  • Iris, the Wardrobe Mistress: Paula Powers
  • Mabel Normand: Laurie Larson
  • Mr. Fox: Ron Rivers
  • Mr. Kleinman: Joe Phillips
  • William Desmond Taylor: Don Edmans
  • Gertie: Jacqueline Bee
  • Ensemble: Jacqueline Bee, Jeny Mahlmann, Donna Panzl (Dance Captain), Sarah Politis, Eric Rhodes, Lee Ryan, Eric Weiskopf

Production Team

  • Producer: Mary K. Kalica
  • Director: Barbara Mahlmann
  • Music Director: Valerie A. Lord
  • Choreographer: Caren Lessner
  • Set Designer/Construction: Dale Conklin
  • Costume Designer: Peggy Gerardi
  • Lighting Designer: Brett Putnam
  • Stage Manager: Clair Bee
  • Properties: Mike O’Brien, Paula Powers, Mike Powers
  • Sound: David Wilkinson
  • Makeup: Ted Rucinski
  • Hair Design: John Fowler

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March 5-7 & 11-14, 1999