Little Me

Little Me

Enjoy some Hollywood memoirs, during World War I and later in this delicious musical spoof of a poor girl’s rise to stardom and riches, and the dizzy parade of men who got her there. Bright, bouncy, light-hearted satire.


  • Belle Poitrine: Corie Rowe
  • Mama: Debbie May Paul
  • Lucky: Michael Mensching
  • Ramona: Sarah Wolfsont
  • Brucey: Marc de la Concha
  • Noble Eggleston: Colin A. McCarty
  • Miss Kepplewhite: Amy Czach
  • Nurse: Donna Panzl
  • Mr. Pinchley: Colin A. McCarty
  • Kleeg: Gary Carter
  • Newsperson: Allison Goulet
  • Benny Buchsbaum: Ted Peck
  • Bernie Buchsbaum: Ron E. Fish
  • Defense Lawyer: Michael C. Mensching
  • The Chain Gang: Joe Carusone, Marc de la Concha, Christopher M. Howard, Eric Weiskopf
  • Val du Val: Colin A. McCarty
  • The Val du Valettes: Sarah A. Hutchins, Heather Johnson, Krissy Schaeffer, Sarah Wolfsont
  • Fred Poitrine: Colin A. McCarty
  • Preacher: Gary Carter
  • Sergeant: Joe Malone
  • General: Ted Peck
  • Soldier: Kristopher Rowe
  • Captain: Michael C. Mensching
  • Otto Schnitzler: Colin A. McCarty
  • Assistant Director: Michael C. Mensching
  • Victor: Ted Peck
  • Yulnick: Joe Malone
  • Prince Cherney: Colin A. McCarty
  • Doctor: Ron E. Fish
  • Ensemble: Gary Carter, Joe Carusone, Marc de la Concha, Amy Czach, Dakota Fish, Allison Goulet, Christopher M. Howard, Sarah A. Hutchins, Heather Johnson, Joe Malone, Kristopher Rowe, Krissy Schaefer, Eric Weiskopf, Sarah Wolfsont
  • Belle’s Fans: Bill Depew, Jennifer S. Depew, Bill McColl, Mary Rutnik-Pekins

Production Team

  • Director: Chuck Coleman
  • Co-Producers: Jenny Depew and Ron E. Fish
  • Choreographer: Donna Panzl
  • Music Director: Dave Cash
  • Set Design & Construction: Mary Kozlowski
  • Costume Design: Connie Rowe
  • Lighting Design: Ken Zarnoch
  • Stage Manager: Carol Jones
  • Sound Design: Chuck LaMalfa
  • Makeup Design: Marcia Lenehan
  • Properties: Jodi Gilman
  • Hair Design: Jim Schmitz

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December 1-3, 7-10 2000