Charlie Anderson, a strong and upright Virginia farmer, wants nothing to do with the Civil War. He’ll “not go hunting for strangers to kill,” nor allow his six sons to get involved. But the war comes to him in this deeply moving musical drama, featuring a luscious score of richly melodic songs. Shenandoah is an inspiring musical with heart, beauty and enduring values.


  • Charlie Anderson: Alan Foster
  • Jacob: J. Randall Flint
  • James: J.R. Rayone
  • Nathan: Paul DiNuzzo
  • John: John Druzba
  • Jenny: Claire Lebowitz
  • Henry: Kristopher Rowe
  • Robert (The Boy): Matt Lerner
  • Anne: Laurie Larson
  • Gabriel: Jamie McBehn
  • Rev. Byrd: Scott Truesdale
  • Sam: Don Edmans
  • Sergeant Johnson/Carol: Alan Angelo
  • Lieutenant: A.L. Aumick
  • Tinkham: Eric M. Rhodes
  • Corporal: Saul R. Morse
  • Marauder: Peter Holmes
  • Engineer: Ron Fish
  • Confederate Snipers: Chirstopher Howard, J.P. Ford
  • Men’s Ensemble: Alan Angelo, A.L. Aumick, J.P. Ford, Richard Gatta, Christopher Howard, Peter Holmes, Saul R. Morse, Eric M. Rhodes
  • Women’s Ensemble:¬†Chelsea Cerniglia, Jessie Cerniglia, Linda Howe, Casey Lynn Kalicia, Diane Murray-Fleck, Sarah M. Newman, Margot Phillips, Michelle Sausa-Gatta and Erinn Selkis (u/s Jenny, trumpeter in opening number)

Production Team

  • Co-Producer: Barb Mahlmann
  • Co-Producer: Mary Kalica
  • Director: Joe Phillips
  • Music Director: Andrea Merrill
  • Choreographer: Donna Panzl
  • Set Designer: Dale Conklin
  • Stage Manager: Clair Bee
  • Costume Designer: Connie Rowe
  • Lighting Designer: Jeff Victor

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October 15-17 & 21-24, 1999