A Little Night Music

A Little Night Music

Set in 1900 Sweden, A Little Night Music explores the tangled web of affairs centered around actress, Desiree Armfeldt, and the men who love her: a lawyer by the name of Fredrik Egerman and the Count Carol-Magnus Malcom. When the traveling actress performs in Fredrik’s town, the estranged lovers’ passion rekindles. This strikes a flurry of jealousy and suspicion between Desiree; Fredrik; Fredrik’s wife, Anne; Desiree’s current lover, the Count; and the Count’s wife, Charlotte. Both men- as well as their jealous wives- agree to join Desiree and her family for a weekend in the country at Desiree’s mother’s estate. With everyone in one place, infinite possibilities of new romances and second chances bring endless surprises. (Synopsis from https://www.mtishows.com/a-little-night-music)


  • Mr. Lindquist: Steven J. Misenhimer
  • Mrs. Segstrom: Joanne Mensching
  • Mrs. Nordstrom: Judi Merriam
  • Mr. Erlanson: Chris Parker
  • Mrs. Anderssen: Valerie Lord
  • Frederika Armfeldt: Meredith McCasland
  • Madame Armfeldt: Lois Barden Stilley
  • Frid, her butler: Dave Scott
  • Anne Egerman: Jean Garner
  • Henrik Egerman: William Harrison
  • Fredrik Egerman: Larry Maranville
  • Petra: Meegan Lane Lockhart
  • Desiree Armfeldt: Pat Hoffman
  • Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm: Jim Fraser
  • Countess Charlotte Malcolm: Joan M. Horgan
  • Mala: Stephanie Cleghorn
  • Osa: Joanna Comanzo
  • Bertrand: Jeffery E. Fowler
  • Olaf: Jon Tanzman

Production Team

  • Co-producers: Ginnie and Drew Mills
  • Director/Choreographer: Helena Binder Bress
  • Music Director: Butch Marshall
  • Set Design: Charles Steckler
  • Set Construction: Peter Codella and Ken Zarnoch
  • Set Painting: Ginnie and Drew Mills
  • Lighting Design and Execution: Henry Skoburn
  • Stage Manager: Arthur Gauvreau
  • Properties: Melinda Zarnoch and Michael W. Jegabbi
  • Make-up Design and Execution: Dave Harrison
  • Sound: Chuck LaMalfa

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December 2-4 & 8-11, 1994