The Most Happy Fella

The Most Happy Fella

A lonely San Francisco waitress, Rosabella, has a mysterious secret admirer. After months of exchanging letters, she finally asks him to send her his picture. Fearing that she will not love him due to his old age and poor appearance, Tony-an elderly Italian-American vineyard owner from Napa- sends her the picture of his young, handsome ranch hand, Joe. When Rosabella finally visits Napa, tragedy occurs. Tony gets in a car crash and nearly dies. While Rosabella is furious with Tony for deceiving her, she ultimately agrees to go through with their mail-order-bride agreement- but not before she spends the night with Joe. As Tony heals from his accident, Rosabella ends up truly falling in love with the kind, old man. When Rosa discovers that she is pregnant with Joe’s baby, however, things get more complicated.


  • The Cashier: Jerry Brewington
  • Cleo: Lis Bischoff
  • Rosabella: Judi Merriam
  • The Waittresses: Judi Lombino, Maureen Patt and Genie Stachewicz
  • The Postman: Timothy Smith
  • Tony: Fred Lyngard
  • Marie: Gwen Fraser
  • Max: Fred Polnisch
  • Herman: Bruce Holden
  • Clem: Christopher M. Parker
  • Jake: James Fryer, Jr.
  • Al: Justin Testo
  • Joe: Jon South
  • Giuseppe: Allan Foster
  • Pasquale: Robert Farquharson
  • Ciccio: Jerry Brewington
  • The City Girl: Judi Lombino
  • The Country Boy: Justin Testo
  • The Doctor: Don White
  • The Priest: Nick Montalto
  • The Sheriff: Tom Testo
  • Tessie: Danielle Izzo
  • Lucy: Dana Izzo
  • Gussie: Jesse Mercogliano
  • Bus Driver: Tom Testo
  • All the Neighbors and All the Neighbors’ Neighbors: Jerry Brewington, B.J. Burleigh, Jason Burleigh, Jacque Danise, Mary Donovan, Bob Farquharson, Allan Foster, Robin Frazier, James Fryer, Jr., Peggy Gerardi, Lesa Hayward, Linda Hughes, Jennifer James, Deanne Kimball, Judi Lombino, Bill McColl, Christopher Parker, Maureen Patt, Fred Polnisch, Mary Rainey, Deb Reutter, Eric M. Rhodes, Nina Rindenello, Daniel Roberts, Timothy Smith, Genie Stachewicz, Justin Testo, Tom Testo, Pat Timm, Don White
  • Dancers: Jacque Danise, Lesa hayward, Jennifer James, Maureen Patt, James Fryer, Jr., Christopher Parker, Eric M. Rhodes, Justin Testo

Production Team

  • Producers: Jean and Varro Clarke
  • Director: Orlando Pigliavento
  • Asst Director: Pat Timm
  • Music Director: Ken Nelzon
  • Choreographer: Eleanor Pigliavento
  • Set Construction: Frank LaRosa
  • Set Design/Decor: Jerry Brewington
  • Technical Director: Varro Clarke
  • Stage Manager: Matthew Teichner
  • Lighting Design and Execution: Tim Godin
  • Sound: Charles LaMalfa
  • Make-up/Hair: Robin Frazier
  • Costumes: Michele Izzo and Peggy Gerardi
  • Properties: Mary Rainey

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May 4-6, 1990