Tied to the Tracks

Tied to the Tracks

Tied to the Tracks will leave you tied up in knots…of laughter! This action-packed old time musical western melodrama could be the most tuneful and wildest ever to hit your stage. Join stalwart Sheriff Billy Bold and the delicate Dakota Melody as they resist the evil machinations of Silias Scavenger and Wild Prairie Rose in this shoot-’em-up, round-’em-up extravaganza.


  • Sarah: Kelly Kearney
  • Zeonbia: Tracy J. Vics
  • Jake: Eric M. Rhodes
  • Caleb: Michael Fitzgerald
  • Tillie: Julie Dickinson
  • Mrs. Cornish: Jennifer Depew
  • Mrs. Bradman: Maria Caccavo-Piedmont
  • Dakota Melod, Fairest Cornflower in Buffalo Bend: Mychelle Lee Vedder
  • Dancers:
    • James and Hetty: John Wescott, Dottie Witimer
    • Charles and Fifi: Bruce Williams, Amelia Essman
    • Francois and Laurette: Eric Rhodes, Renee Hathway
  • Matt: Ken Zarnoch
  • Bartenders: Cosimo Montanaro, Doug Conley
  • Mrs. Johnson: Ardyth Caccavo
  • Mrs. Riggs, Linda Howe
  • Running Water: Eric Sims
  • Cassie: Pat Brady
  • Thoedora Barracuda: Nancy Stone
  • Professor Silias Scavenger: Thomas D. Bambury
  • Sheriff Billy Bold: Stephen McMillan
  • Allura LaTempt: Nancy Qozny
  • Imogene: Becca Cross
  • Rufus Clang: Bruce Williams
  • Prairie Rose: Christine Marcella
  • Clint: Eric M. Rhodes
  • Rawhide: Michael Fitzgerald

Production Team

  • Producer: Madeline J. Codella
  • Director: Peter J. Codella
  • Music Director: Amber Babcock
  • Choreographer: Lori Anne Koopman
  • Set Design/Construction and Decor: Ken Zarnoch
  • Costumer: Alyce Enright
  • Lighting Design and Execution: George Cain
  • Sound: Chuck LaMalfa
  • Makeup: Thomas D. Bambury
  • Hair Stylist: Penny Pino
  • Properties: Melinda Zarnoch

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January 24-26, 31 & February 1-2, 1992