Galaxy of Shining Stars

Galaxy of Shining Stars

Gala/Benefit Concert

This fundraising gala was to benefit the replacement of SLOC’s lighting system, which had become dilapidated and unreliable. With the support of the SLOC Board, the “Galaxy of Shining Stars Campaign” was launched at the beginning of the 1993-94 season.


  • Soloists: Nancy Cain, Bonnie Williams, Joan Horgan, Quency Rene, Matthew Moross, Edwin Graham, Judi Merriam, Bill Harrison, Gail Garrison, Susan Verrastro, Helena Binder Bress, Paula Ginder, Jim Fraser, Laura Roth, Allan Foster
  • Choral Ensemble: Bill Baetz*, Thomas D. Bambury, Jacqueline Bee*, Jessica Brown*, Shawn Cahill, Eunice Chouffi, Mary Donovan, John Drahzal, Bryant Empie, Amelia Essman*, Ira Gilman, Paula Ginder, Tom Heckert, Natalie Hoffman, Maria A. Lally, Caren Lessner*, Christine Marcella*, Bill McColl, Michael O’Brien, Donna Cerniglia Panzl*, Debbie Paul, Barbara Petersen, Ted Rucinski, Suzane Talarico*, Rosalyn Thyssen, Dan Van Syckle, Bonnie Williams
    (* indicates dancers)

Production Team

  • Co-producers: Peter and Madeline Codella
  • Director: Thomas L. Heckert, Jr.
  • Music Director: Jean Van Syckle
  • Choreographer: Caren Lessner
  • Set Design, Construction and Painting: Robert Farquharson
  • Lighting Design and Execution: George Cain
  • Costume Coordinator: Molly Wright
  • Sound: Chuck LaMalfa
  • Stage Manager: Claire Bee

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January 21-23, 1994